Our 2023 Skin Health Resolutions

As we embrace a new year, many of us are already making resolutions to improve our health, confidence, and goals. But skincare is often ignored alongside other types of health resolutions (even though it’s the biggest organ we have)! 

At Apoterra, we’re taking the opportunity to write our 2023 Skin Health Resolutions, sharing our team’s goals to improve our health and confidence. Check out our team’s responses—maybe you will find 1-2 ideas for your own list! 

Will you join us in writing skin health resolutions this year? 

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  1. Stay hydrated, both internally and externally
  2. Incorporate weekly facial massage for self care and skin health
  3. Speak with kindness and compassion about myself and my skin
  4. Adapt my skincare to the weather and outside stressors
  5. Incorporate more moisture with body oil application
  6. Follow a consistent routine for 30 days
  7. Focus on gut health with pre- and probiotics
  8. Go through & recycle/properly dispose of old and expired products
  9. Add daily moisture care for the lips. 
  10. Go minimalist—only buy what I need. Take the skin quiz to learn what works for you!
  11. Use what I have first to avoid product spoilage and waste
  12. Take a moment to breathe and get into my body before starting my skincare routine
  13. Declutter my vanity once a day to help reduce product confusion and keep a calm environment
  14. Wear sunscreen daily to prevent sunspots. (We recommend mineral SPF.)
  15. Give up on perfection!  Your emotional well being is what matters most.
  16. Practice honey tapping to gently help with my congestion
  17. Start using a Vitamin C balm 
  18. Have a make-up free week to give my skin a break

We hope that sharing our team’s skin health resolutions gives you some great ideas to start writing your own! Before we all lose the momentum of the new year, we suggest deciding your skin health resolutions within the first couple weeks of January. You can use this reminder link to add a reminder to your calendar!

Happy skin health resolutions writing! 

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