Our Batch # System

Figuring out where your apples come from - easy. Figuring out where each ingredient in your skincare product comes from - not so easy. We introduced our batch # system in 2015 to be transparent and traceable about when our products were handcrafted and the ingredients that are in them. This gives you the ability to not only make sure that the product is fresh, but also more insight into the supply chain of each ingredient and an understanding of what your dollar is supporting.

How to Look Up Your Batch #

Step 1: Find the batch number sticker on your box, jar or bottle

Step 2: Go to the product listing and open the tab “Batch #”  

Step 3: Under this tab, look for your batch number to find your product’s details

Step 4: Still have questions? Contact us!


What Your Batch Number Will Tell You
  • When your product was made
  • If the ingredient is organic, which organization certified it
  • If the ingredient is Fair Trade certified
  • Country of origin
  • Latin name of botanicals
  • And more!

Why It Matters When Your Product Was Made 

Fresh ingredients are safer and more effective. Natural and minimally processed skincare ingredients can, over time, oxidize and lose their potency and nutritional value. This means that the exact same ingredient could nourish your skin or irritate your skin, depending on whether it is fresh or not. 

This is why we do quarterly freshness audits of all our products, but also with all our wholesale and spa partners, to ensure that when you purchase an Apoterra product, you’re getting the freshest product available. 

This is also why we offer a freshness guarantee. If you happen to buy an Apoterra product that is not fresh or doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll reimburse you or exchange it for a fresher product. Find out when your product was made via your batch #. 

Why Natural Ingredients?

All of our products are made from minimally processed, certified organic ingredients. We chose to formulate with natural ingredients over more shelf-stable artificial ingredients because they work, are in general safer and create long lasting results. Natural ingredients are complex and full of nutrients that nourish skin for a healthy glow. Think of natural ingredients in skincare like a whole foods diet for your body - they both help nourish you from long term, long lasting results.   

Learn more about our ingredients here.