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1 tree planted for every product you purchase

Naturally Nourishing

Because healthy skin is beautiful skin

Why Natural?

Like whole foods for your body, natural ingredients help nourish and improve your overall skin health.

Our small-batch natural skin care products rely on fresh-yet-powerful plants and minerals to help nurture the dermis from the inside out.


Made With:

Love and kindness

Whole plants

Cold-pressed plant oils

Phytonutrient infusions

GC/MS tested essential oils

Natural extracts


Made Without:

Cheap fillers

Nasty toxic ingredients

Phthalates and Parabens

Drying detergents

Animal ingredients or by-products

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Fresh + Powerful

Because better ingredients yield better results

Our proprietary formulations are rooted in both ancient wisdom and modern science. Fueled by powerful plant ingredients, our products deliver healthier, radiant skin with consistent use.


Why fresh?

When it comes to the best natural skin care products, freshness is key. There is a direct correlation between fresh ingredients and skin care efficacy.

Our promise to you

We always use verifiably fresh ingredients to capture maximum vitality and potency

We handcraft all products in small batches

We label each product with an individual batch number allowing you to see when it was made—and when it will expire

We offer easy access to look up your product on our listing page

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Thoughtfully Crafted

Because sustainability isn’t just a buzzword

Feel good about what you apply each time


Upon inception, Apoterra founder Dominique Caron envisioned a green beauty company that put the world and the environment at the forefront. Which is why we only use safe, organic skincare ingredients that benefit both you and the planet.

Our products are:


Made with organic ingredients

Non-toxic for you and the planet

Cruelty-free and Human-tested only

Sustainably sourced

Housed in eco-friendly packaging

Made with biodegradable ingredients


Plus, for every product you purchase a tree will be planted

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Knowledge equals power. Be empowered to achieve your best skin naturally, consciously, and holistically.

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