Apoterra (pronounced  \ˈa-pō\ ter·ra) 
means “from the earth”

We handcraft effective small batch skincare that is nutrient-rich, guaranteed fresh and sustainably sourced.


Just like you, we want skincare that works and we’re not willing to compromise our health or the planet to get that glow. In 2008, our founder Dominique Caron was frustrated with the lack of options that worked for her sensitive breakout-prone skin, that were also safe, eco-friendly, and effective; so she set out on a mission to create effective natural skincare products that checked all of her ethical boxes. She founded Apoterra in 2012, then known as Caru Skincare Co, after years of research, certifications and trial and error. As it turns out, you don't have to compromise your values to achieve healthy, glowing skin. 


We Dream Big for a Skincare Company

We are constantly working toward big goals in sustainability and effective holistic skincare, and already we’ve made so much progress. So far:

  • We’ve helped 1,000s of people love their skin. 
  • We’ve kept 10,000+ plastic bottles*, bubble wrap and more from landing in the landfill by packaging with glass and biodegradable packing materials instead.

    *amount that would be in the landfill if we had packaged our products in plastic and used bubble wrap to ship our packages since our founding in 2012

  • We have supported organic agriculture and sustainably minded producers for almost 10 years. 
  • We’ve helped plant over 52,000 trees and counting 

You should never have to sacrifice your own health and wellbeing for beautiful skin. While bio-individuality is real, there are ingredients that are known to be harmful for most individuals. We pay attention to the science, and purposefully formulate without known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and irritating ingredients. In addition to whole plants, plant oils, and minerals, we also use safe active ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid because they help accentuate the effectiveness of our natural formulations and are proven safe and effective. We never use cheap fillers, and are diligent about dosage with each ingredient in our formulations.

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Why our Products Work

Just like the rest of our body, skin needs healthy nourishment, exercise and rest to operate at an optimal level. Life can disrupt skin’s natural homeostasis (hello acne, dryness & irritation!) while environmental stressors accelerate the effects of aging. Glowing skin is not something that is “created with a miracle” product or a “breakthrough” ingredient. Clear, radiant skin is achieved by aiding the skin to be healthy and balanced. This approach might not be as sexy as that miracle overnight product (disclaimer: those don’t exist!) but it works - just like eating healthy and exercising will keep your body in vibrant wellbeing for a long time to come. Our nature-guided line features an array of nourishment profiles formulated to meet your skin’s needs and bring it back into a healthy state of balance. In every Apoterra ritual you will also find nutrients to combat oxidative stress and prevent premature aging.  

Always Fresh for Optimal Results

When it comes to natural skincare, fresh ingredients are more potent, effective and safe. This is why all our products are made in small batches and are guaranteed fresh. We conduct regular audits at our warehouse and with all of our stockists to ensure no items are more than a few months old when they get to you. Any products we pull that are still in good condition get donated to a local women's shelter.


We believe nature is powerful and wise. Science is a tool to better understand nature but does not dictate nature. 


Traceability & Batch # System

How can you know if your product is fresh or sustainably sourced? Knowing where your apples come from is pretty straight forward, but where your skincare ingredients are sourced and when your skincare product was made - not so easy.  We are devoted to shifting the standard by being as transparent as possible with our batch # system. Look up your product's batch number to learn when your product was made, as well as country of origin, certifications and more about the ingredients in the bottle (or jar) you hold in your hand. 

Environmental Commitment

At Apoterra, we have always been committed to putting the earth first. Doing so has impacted every decision we make – from sourcing and the ingredients we use, to packaging and shipments. In our evolving journey with sustainability, we have come to realize a need to move beyond circularity, and now operate with regeneration as our mission. This means not only maintaining, but actually giving back to & regenerating the systems from which we take. It is our goal to be carbon and plastic negative by the year 2025, and to consistently find better ways to lower our environmental footprint. Apoterra’s mission is to leave the world better than we found it.

Learn More About Our Environmental Guidelines Here 

  Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free certified skincare

Our Team

We are woman owned, led & run. Every member on our team is a multi-passionate human dedicated to your wellness. We're not just formulators and marketers, we're also certified holistic estheticians (skin experts!), herbalists, aromatherapists, nutritionists, and yoga instructors. 

Meet the Founder 

Dominique Caron is a mother of 2, a certified aromatherapist (NAHA and AIA approved), herbalist (trained by Ursula Basch, BChE), daughter of a family physician and grand-daughter to western natural remedies knowledge keeper (and also the toughest woman who has ever lived). 



"Apoterra started as a solution to my own skincare woes. I wanted clear, radiant skin that ages gracefully but I didn't want to use products that were bad for my health or the environment. I couldn't find something that worked for my dry, sensitive & breakout-prone skin, so I made my own. 

Through my research and product trials, I have learned that plants are very well designed to care for our skin and bodies, which is why I formulate all our products with whole plants, oils, earth-derived minerals and natural active ingredients. 

Beyond my skincare needs, I am also extremely motivated by climate change and pollution, and so almost every decision I make from the clothes I buy, to which type of cucumber I pick at the grocery store, to how I run my business, is affected by my desire to see our planet healthy and sustainably managed. I have learned a lot about the sustainability of packaging and sourcing over this 10 year journey and I am continually learning about how to do better. I truly believe in not only respecting but aiming to live within the natural cycles of our environment, and that curiosity and an open heart is the way forward. I recognize that living sustainably is a destination, and my goal is to one day live in reciprocity with nature - living in a way that is not just sustainable but regenerative” 


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