We make no compromises when it comes to our ingredients.  

All our products are made with the freshest ingredients we can source (learn more about why freshness matters here). We prioritize sourcing certified organic and sustainably farmed botanicals. All our ingredients are vegan (except for our locally sourced honey and beeswax) and Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified. 

For more information about our ingredients’ organic certifications and country of origin, please visit each product's unique batch # (found under each product listing).  

Our Sourcing Guidelines
  • We consider raw material sustainability. For example, bamboo is considered a sustainable raw material because it grows quickly. Hardwood, on the other hand, takes decades to grow and is not as easily renewed. We don’t use sandalwood (as much as we love it!) because it is a tree that takes decades to grow before harvest.  
  • We avoid petroleum-derived ingredients because petroleum is not a renewable resource.
  • We look at farming methods and certifications. Are the plants grown organically? Is it Fair Trade? What evidence of sustainable agriculture can the manufacturer provide? 
  • When dealing with ingredients from the Amazon or other delicate ecosystems – we consider the harvester’s relationship to the land and local communities & require that it be one of reciprocity.
Does Natural = Sustainable & Safe?

The short answer is no. It's all about the formulation and the ingredient itself. Let's use salt as an example – a tiny bit in your diet is good for you, too much can be unhealthy, eat a few tablespoons at once and it could kill you. Some natural ingredients can be irritating to the skin, or even dangerous, if they are not fresh, proven safe and integrated into a formula with care. The same goes for lab-produced ingredients, if an ingredient has been proven effective and has solid evidence showing its safety, we may choose to include it in our formulations. 

We use minimally processed natural ingredients because they work, are in general more safe and create long lasting results. We also value the sensorial experience of these beautiful ingredients and their renewable nature.


To view our entire list of ingredients and to learn more about each ingredient, please click on the image below.