How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage

While the benefits of facial massage are numerous, we've noticed a heightened level of fear around the act of touching your skin. And it's true - there are aspects to be weary of (like causing breakouts) - but all can be avoided with quick education and proper technique. Rather than hold yourself back from the all-powerful (and free!) skin tool, your own two hands, this introduction to at-home facial massage is designed to move you out of fear and back into love with your skin. In this guide we unpack all the major dos & don'ts along with targeted facial massage techniques you can explore right now, at home!

Inside this Guide:

  • Targeted facial massage techniques for lymphatic drainage, sculpting, tension relief & more
  • AM + PM facial massage routines
  • Explanation of facial massage benefits
  • Essential do’s & don’ts for massage effectiveness
  • + more!

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