How To Stay Hydrated In Cold Weather

If you are anything like me, drinking water when it's cold outside is pretty unappealing. Instead I tend to drink a lot of coffee because it's warm and satisfying!  But unfortunately, day after day of drinking little water and tons of coffee leaves me dehydrated.  This makes me feel sluggish, will result in me overeating and often also shows in my skin. Dehydrated skin will look dry, can become red and inflamed, and sometimes will even lead to a few break outs.  All of this because I didn't drink enough water. Ah!  So how do I stop this vicious cycle?  Here are a few tips that work for me to stay hydrated in cold weather months.


Flavor your water.


I bought myself a really nice glass water bottle with an infuser. It has a gold top and I just love the way it looks so I don't mind carrying it around with me at home or in the studio.   I'll put herbs, fruit, or spices in the bottle to flavor the water to make it more appetizing. My current favorite is just one stick of cinnamon. It makes the water taste SO good.  Cinnamon is also wonderful to help with digestion and inflammation, and personally it helps me avoid snacking too much.  Bonus: as far as water infusion goes, it's relatively mess free and the stick will last many infusions.


How to stay hydrated in cold weather | Apoterra Skincare blog


Other favorites water infusion combos are:
- rose petals + tulsi leaves
- rosemary
- basil + strawberries
- fennel + anise star
- lemon + lime
- cucumber slices 



Drink room temperature water


Drinking cold water cools your core which is not so great in the winter.  So I like to keep my water filter jug or water bottle on the counter and not in the refrigerator.  I find room temperature water is also more appetizing in cold weather. 



Make a pot of herbal tea. 


Even if you aren't in the mood, make it a habit to make a pot of herbal tea in the morning and keep it near by with a small cup. You'll be surprised how quickly you finish the pot when it's near by!  There are so many herbal tea options out there, you can really.make it out of anything from herbs, spices and fruit you think will taste good. A few favorites:


- lemon balm 
- rooibos tea + a sprinkle of lavender buds
- cinnamon bark + mint leaves
- chamomile + rose petals
- turmeric, ginger + a sprinkle of black pepper corn



If you are a coffee lover like myself, try a mushroom tea like chaga, roasted dandelion root, or Japanese Mugicha (roasted barley) tea.  



Make a vegan chai


I love to do this in the evening. This isn't technically a Chai since it doesn't contain black tea, so maybe I should say "chai inspired".  In a small saucepan, add about 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk. To this, add the following: cardamon pods, a sprinkle of turmeric powder, a cinnamon stick, a slice of ginger and a few black peppercorns. Heat the milk on low and let it simmer until the flavors infuse the milk. This is REALLY tasty and a low calorie, watery beverage. You can use any milk you would like and can also sweeten it if you prefer. Other recipes to try:


- unsweetened cocoa powder, turmeric, cinnamon and a dash of black pepper
- vanilla bean + rose petals
- clove + cinnamon
- fir needles



Eat your water


Eat homemade soups (low sodium) and watery fruits and veggies. I know salads aren't the most appetizing during cold weather months, but cucumber and bell peppers with a yummy bean dip or a local organic apple can be!



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