How 4 Women Improved Their Hyperpigmentation Naturally in 2 Weeks

Treating hyperpigmentation can be tricky. Many recommend harsh chemical peels or laser treatments to “get rid of it” quickly, but yet many clients with hyperpigmentation actually have sensitive skin that wouldn’t play nicely with those supposed quick fixes. 

Have you been wanting to make the shift to support your hyperpigmentation with natural skincare, but…you’re just not sure if it WORKS? No one wants to waste time and money buying new products, carefully applying them every day, only to see no improvement in your concerns and end up tossing these once-hopeful products into the back of your bathroom cabinet, languishing forlornly until you finally get rid of them. (Yikes! This is why we offer a 30 day guarantee.)

At Apoterra, we make natural skincare products in-house in small batches—with all of the good stuff and none of the bad—and many of our customers have described improvement in their redness and hyperpigmentation while using our skincare. Recently, we held a 2-week trial with our ever-popular Best Sellers Discovery Kit (a full routine kit made up of 5 of our best sellers at a bundled discount). Although 2 weeks is a very short window in “skin-time,” the first thing many of our trial customers noticed was improvement in that ever stubborn puzzle of hyperpigmentation! Read on to hear their stories of how it all went down. 

Best sellers discovery kit

Erin's Results with Hyperpigmentation and Pore Congestion

First, we have Erin, who had two primary skin concerns:

  • Hyperpigmentation 
  • Pore congestion

  • The Best Sellers Discovery Kit has ideal products to help support her concerns, starting with the Neroli Clarifying Complexion Mist and Sea Berry Balancing Facial Oil to help balance and clarify the skin. To help address pore congestion, the Vetiver illuminating Oil Cleanser and the Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud are up for the task. And to help strengthen her long term goal of glowing, even skin, we have the Vitamin C Regenerative Balm to support her skin barrier. 

    Here’s the routine Erin followed during her two week trial:

    AM Routine:

    1. Pumpkin and Wild Carrot complexion soap
    2. Neroli Clarifying Complexion mist
    3. Sea Berry Balancing Facial Oil
    4. SPF
    PM Routine:
    1. Vetiver Illuminating Oil Cleanser
    2. Pumpkin and Wild Carrot Complexion Soap
    3. Neroli Clarifying Complexion Mist
    4. Sea Berry Balancing Oil
    5. Vitamin C Regenerative Balm

    “I've been fairly consistent with these products for some time now. I've eased off the Vit C Balm during the summer, so it was nice to bring that back into my evening routine as we transition to fall! I definitely noticed a brighter complexion after the 2 weeks with the trial kit.” —Erin

    Here are Erin’s 2 week trial results:

    Erica's before & after trial results

    Erin's desire to manage her pore congestion is so relatable to many, and the balance of oil and hydration in the Best Sellers Discovery Kit does a great job at supporting her skin goals. 

    “As an oily skinned gal, I always hope that the pores on my nose will magically decongest and clear up with the right products, but I have found that the Vetiver Oil cleanser, Neroli mist, and Sea Berry Balancing Oil keep my oil production in check and keep my skin free from breakouts.” 

    She even discovered the benefits of how these products can work to support your skin during seasonal transitions so you don’t lose momentum on your skin goals, which can often happen for conditions like hyperpigmentation. 

    “Using the Hibiscus Mud Mask weekly gives me the perfect amount of exfoliation, and as we change seasons I will increase to twice a week.”

    So after the 2 week trial, here’s what Erin had to say about the Best Sellers Discovery Routine: 

    “Overall, I love each of these products and all together make the perfect routine for almost anyone.”

    We couldn’t have said it better ourselves—thank you Erin! 

    Andrea's Results with Hyperpigmentation and Dehydration

    Now onto Andrea’s skincare trial and review. Andrea is an Apoterra partner with a wealth of knowledge on the skin and the importance of a routine. One of the key pillars of our Apoterra mission is to stay curious and continue to learn everything we can about how to help our community feel comfortable and confident in their skin. This is why it’s important to get feedback from skincare professionals (such as licensed estheticians like Andrea) about the efficiency and effectiveness of a full Apoterra routine.

    Andrea had two main skin concerns:

  • Hyperpigmentation  
  • Dehydration

  • The Best Sellers kit can address these two concerns with each product in the routine. From the Vitamin C and Niacinamide in the Neroli Clarifying Complexion Mist to the sugar extract and sea buckthorn berry oil in the Sea Berry Balancing Facial Oil, there are so many ingredients to help naturally address hyperpigmentation. The cupuaçu butter in the Vitamin C Regenerative Balm—along with balancing organic hydrosols in the Neroli Clarifying Complexion Mist and meadowfoam seed oil in the Vetiver Illuminating Oil Cleanser—come together to help retain hydration in the skin. The Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud rounds out the routine with its gentle and effective exfoliating benefits from raw honey and pumpkin pulp.

    Here was Andrea’s routine:

    AM Routine:

    1. Vetiver Illuminating Oil Cleanser
    2. Neroli Clarifying complexion mist
    3. Vitamin C Regenerative balm all over face & under eyes
    4. SPF

    PM Routine:

    1. double cleanse with Vetiver Illuminating Oil Cleanser
    2. Neroli Clarifying complexion mist
    3. Sea berry balancing facial oil
    4. Neroli Clarifying complexion mist
    5. Vitamin C Regenerative balm where needed for extra hydration

    Hibiscus Exfoliating mud as a mask 2 times per week

    And let's look at her results!

    Andrea before and after results using the best sellers discovery kit

    Andrea’s testing was truly that of a professional as she was able to implement the multi-purpose benefits of Apoterra’s products to work. This includes using the Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud as a cleanser and the Vitamin C Regenerative Balm for under eye care. And since her concerns included dryness, she also doubled the use of the Neroli Clarifying Complexion Mist to help seal in an extra layer of liquid gold. 

    “I really enjoyed only cleansing with the oil cleanser. My skin gets so dry so easily that this was a really great routine for me. I also loved that I was able to use the hibiscus mud mask as my cleanser a couple of times.”

    But more importantly, she enjoyed the process of the routine. If you enjoy the products and how they make you feel in your skin, this is only going to help you develop a routine for long term skin success. Thank you Andrea! 

    Lasette's Results with Aging Concerns, Hyperpigmentation, and Breakouts

    Lastly, we have Lasette’s routine and review of the Best Sellers Discovery kit. Lasette’s concerns were:

  • Aging
  • Breakouts
  • Dry skin 
  • Redness (Hyperpigmentation)

  • For both dry skin and aging, the benefits of the Neroli mist, Vitamin C balm, and Vetiver Illuminating Oil Cleanser combined make a fantastic trio for healthy, happy, and hydrated skin. While the Sea Berry Balancing Facial oil and the Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud tackle the breakouts in a way that isn’t disruptive to her skin barrier and overall hydration. 

    Lasette’s routine included the following:

    AM Routine:

    1. Cleanse with Neroli Clarifying Complexion mist (apply on a cotton round and wipe the skin with it)
    2. Spray Neroli Clarifying Complexion mist 
    3. Sea Berry Balancing Facial oil
    4. SPF

    PM Routine:

    1. Double Cleanse: Vetiver Illuminating oil cleanser then gentle face wash
    2. Neroli Clarifying Complexion mist 
    3. Vitamin C Regenerative balm 


    Hibiscus exfoliating mud 2x a week at night

    Sometimes I would use the mud as a face wash after applying the Vetiver oil or as a mask.

    Let's see her results!

    Lasette before and after using the best sellers discovery kit

    “I really enjoyed using the products over the past 2 weeks. My skin feels and looks more hydrated and the pores on my nose are smaller. I have also noticed that some of my redness has gone away and lightened up.” 

    Lasette also discovered multi-purpose ways to use different products in the Best Sellers kit. This includes using the Neroli Mist as a gentle cleansing refresh in the morning and using the Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud as a cleanser for a double cleanse in the evening. Also, one of the additional benefits of a well-rounded skincare routine is it can help you break away from not-so-great habits. 

    “I have a bad habit of picking at my skin when I am stressed so I was happy to see that the products helped with this.”

    Lasette’s experience with the Best Sellers Discovery Kit really proves that you can shift habits at any time if you have the support of products that not only work, but work together. Thank you for sharing your beautiful results Lasette! 

    Jennifer's Results with Hyperpigmentation and Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

    Jennifer’s experience with the Best Sellers Discovery kit is a relatable tale. Jennifer is a licensed esthetician and a valuable partner to Apoterra. While going through the 2 week trial of the Best Sellers Discovery kit, Jennifer experienced stressors in her life that can often lead to a stressed reaction on the skin.

    However, instead of falling prey to stressed skin habits such as falling off her skincare routine or nervously picking at the face, Jennifer leaned into her routine as a form of support and consistency for her skin concerns. 

    Jennifer’s skin concerns include:

  • Hyperpigmentation 
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Jennifer's before and after results with the best sellers kit

    Her results show how consistency is a key ingredient to skin success, especially with conditions such as hyperpigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can occur as the aftermath of a breakout leading to pigmented scarring. 

    “My skin has also been going through it but the Vetiver Oil Cleanser and the Vitamin C Balm has helped soooo much as usual”

    Jennifer’s experience is a great reminder to put the care back in skincare when your skin (and life) goes through stressful times. The Best Sellers Discovery Kit is a wonderful way to set your routine backup for skin success. Thank you Jennifer—what a glow! 


    If you’re interested in trying natural skincare but aren’t quite confident that it can tackle difficult skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and breakouts, you may feel like purchasing a whole routine of natural skincare products is too much of a risk. That’s why we suggest keeping it simple: by only ordering ONE product—a sample size Best Sellers Discovery Kit with a bundled discount and 30 day satisfaction guarantee—you can try out several routines before committing to any full size products, and get your money back if it’s not your cup of tea. Though in the likely event that you see results with skin concerns like hyperpigmentation in your first 2 weeks too…hey, we all told you it was worth it! ;)

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