Have you been feeling the onset of dry skin during the winter with a bout of itchy skin? It’s no secret that our summer glow can seem to be swept away by the autumn wind, as dry and irritated skin during winter is incredibly common. As the winter chill sets in, it's time to reevaluate our skincare routine to ensure our skin remains healthy, hydrated, and radiant despite the seasonal challenges. 

The key factor in winter skincare is supporting your skin's ability to retain hydration and moisture while it faces an onslaught of conditions that can lead to skin dryness during winter (and may even slow cell turnover). These conditions, both inside and outside, boil down to temperature and humidity changes that can suck essential hydration and moisture from our skin. 

Let's explore 8 pro tips that not only address skincare but also consider lifestyle habits for maintaining that coveted winter glow!


Before we even look at our skincare routine, there are a few environmental factors that we have some control over. These few changes can make a huge difference in skin dryness during winter.

1. Moderate Your Shower Temperature.

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Although it may seem challenging, avoid steaming hot showers and baths, as they can interfere with the skin's natural protective barrier, leading to dryness and dehydration. If you can't resist a hot shower, immediately follow it up with a nourishing body oil and face oil. Consider using a moisturizing body scrub in the shower as an alternative.

2. Use a Humidifier.

The first hurdle your skin faces in winter is the low humidity in the air, which leads to your skin losing hydration to its environment. Cold outdoor weather and heated indoor spaces (with dry heat) contribute to this moisture deficit, making it challenging for your skin to retain water. Losing this water to the environment often plays out as itchy or dry skin in winter. Combat this by introducing a humidifier to your workplace or home, replenishing the hydration your skin needs.

3. Hydrate Internally.

Cold weather can make it challenging to consume enough water, which ideally would help replenish some of your skin’s hydration internally. If increasing your water intake feels challenging, mix it up! Combat dehydration by opting for herbal teas, flavored room temperature water, or water-rich fruits. Keep a water bottle nearby at all times to ensure you stay adequately hydrated from the inside out.


Next, let’s evaluate your skincare routine. Changing your skincare routine from season to season is a proactive approach to address the dynamic needs of your skin in response to environmental, climatic, and lifestyle changes throughout each year. Here is what needs attention in your winter skincare:

4. Use a Gentle Cleansing Method.

Regardless of the season, harsh cleansers can strip the skin of beneficial oils, leading to dryness. During winter especially, a cleansing approach that leaves skin moisture intact like the oil cleansing method can work wonders to combat skin dryness. For an emulsifying oil cleanse, our Vetiver Illuminating Oil Cleanser provides an “oil-to-milk” textural experience. You can also massage in a facial oil like the Sea Berry Balancing Facial Oil as an oil cleansing medium or even balm cleanse with the Vitamin C Regenerative Balm

For those that don’t favor an oily texture during cleansing, opt for a silky bar soap like the Aloe & Rose Clay Complexion Soap, or spritz a hydrating toner mist onto a cotton round and swipe across your face for a quick, mess-free cleanse.

5. Choose Hydrating Products with Powerful Humectants.

Opt for skincare products containing humectants, AKA ingredients that attract water to the skin. Some well known humectants include niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and honey. Of course, a combination of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and aloe works wonders—find this trio in our Rose Essential Hydration Mist and Neroli Clarifying Complexion Mist

Layering your skin with humectants can help maintain hydration and moisture to support your skin from dryness during the winter.

6. Embrace Nourishing Oil and Balm Moisturizers.

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To lock in moisture, your skin requires a protective layer. While our skin attempts to provide this with natural oils, it may need some help to combat winter dryness. Enhancing the lipid layer of your skin barrier with facial oils and balms can significantly contribute to keeping your skin soft, supple, and free from flakiness. Choose a facial oil for easy absorption or a face balm for extra protection against harsh elements. 

In winter, the Vitamin C Regenerative balm provides a beneficial boost with its thick, creamy blend of highly concentrated organic plant butters and oils, revitalizing sensitive, dry skin and using phytoceramides to strengthen the skin for the ultimate cold-weather glow.

7. Don’t Forget Gentle Exfoliation.

A key component to combatting dry skin during winter includes using an exfoliating mask or scrub in your skincare routine. Encouraging a gentle sloughing of dead skin cells not only prevents dryness in winter but also prepares your skin to absorb hydrating humectants and nourishing oils effectively. 

The Hibiscus Exfoliating mud is a perfect winter staple for its gentle exfoliating benefits as well as its humectant base of raw honey to leave skin feeling supple and bright! Exfoliation might not need to be as frequent in the winter with the potential for slower cell turnover, so reduce your frequency if needed, but don’t skip it altogether. 

8. Focus on Full Body Skin Care.

body skincare using apoterra Rose & Violet Leaf Body Butter

Body skincare is particularly crucial during winter when cold temperatures and low humidity levels can wreak havoc on the skin. Remember: your skin is your biggest organ, and it covers far more than just your face! Maintaining a consistent body skincare routine helps to replenish lost moisture, soothe dryness, and fortify your natural skin barrier. 

Using hydrating products, nourishing oils, and protective creams can prevent dehydration and keep the skin supple. The Rose and Violet Leaf body butter helps soothe dry and itchy skin while the Tulsi and Ashwagandha Adaptogenic Body oil helps moisturize and build skin resilience during winter months. 

Nurturing Your Skin Through Winter

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By combining these skincare tips with mindful lifestyle habits, you can nurture your skin through the winter months, combat skin dryness in winter, and ensure a healthy and radiant complexion. That’s what we like to call year-round glow!


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