Gift Guide #2 - For the Skincare Enthusiast

This gift guide features suggestions for The Skincare Enthusiasts among us—including The Skincare Guru, The Limited Edition Lover, The Skincare Pro, and the Body Care Girlie. Make holiday shopping seamless with our curated gift guide.

Price Range: $46-118


For a skincare guru who loves trying new brands, one carefully selected facial product can be a perfect gift.

We Recommend: Herbal Clarifying Facial Oil $46Herbal Facial OilThe gurus among us may be aware that immortelle has become a popular ingredient lately, but we were ahead of the crowd! In 2015, Elle named our Herbal Clarifying Facial Oil (then titled “Immortelle Facial Serum” under our Caru branding) as one of “The 33 Most Effective All-Natural Beauty Products On The Planet”—specifically citing the power of the immortelle flower. 

Since rebranding, few customers know about this award, so it became a bit more unassuming…which means that one of the 33 Most Effective All-Natural Beauty Products On The Planet is hiding right under everyone’s noses! While we are happy that this amazing ingredient is more widely used now, we also feel proud to have represented it in our line from the beginning. Perhaps that story goes to show why we’ve been recognized for our beauty innovation twice—by Refinery29 and "Natural Skin Product of the Year" from The Beauty Innovation Awards!


For the Limited Edition Lover, this is the best surprise: our limited edition Soleil body oil is being RE-released with a new formula and design as part of our permanent collection!

We Recommend: Neroli & Yuzu Uplifting Body Oil $48

Neroli & Yuzu Body Oil

The Neroli & Yuzu Uplifting Body Oil is more than it seems—we are bringing back the fan-favorite limited edition Soleil body oil as part of our permanent collection, with a brand new name and improved formula! Limited edition lovers will be thrilled to have it back, this time to stay. The brilliant golden oil is naturally scented with neroli and yuzu, and it creates an uplifting, anxiety-banishing feeling. This body oil comes in a clear bottle to showcase its vibrant color, naturally occurring from sea buckthorn berry and yuzu.

The body oil is a lightweight blend of squalane, organic plant oils and essential oils which can transform into a milky blend when applied to wet skin—making it sink in like a body serum with all the benefits of a moisturizer. It combines a perfectly vibrant, warming scent with a light, non-greasy texture. The brand new Neroli & Yuzu body oil will surely be appreciated!

Bundle & Save:

This oil makes a luxe impression stand-alone, but is also available in a bundle & save trio set of travel-sized body oils (tulsi, neroli, and rose) with a FREE dry brush, for an amazing body care range.


For the woman who loves an intentional home spa experience or practices skincare professionally, a curated masking gift set can really bring the magic.

We Recommend: The Masking Kit $112 (save 15%)
Masking Kit
This kit includes a handmade ceramic masking bowl and copper spoon set, a travel sized Neroli Clarifying Mist and Rose Essential Hydration Mist, a full size Mineral Purifying Mask, and a recipe card to help you get started—basically, everything you need for an incredible masking experience!

Some love to create home spa experiences and really take their time dwelling in the moment. They may already mix customized masks for a full healing sensory experience, or that may be exactly the type of thing they’d love to start learning. In this case, a masking bowl with a copper spoon is such a gorgeous set piece for the home spa experience. The recipes and travel-sized toning mists make this a full treatment day on its own.

For a skincare professional, the use is even more obvious! They will utilize several bowls in one facial and it never hurts to have a new favorite to enrich their studio experience for both professional and client. The recipes can expand their facial repertoire and the copper spoon is sustainably created from a natural element; it is a safer, low-waste alternative to single-use plastics. This gift will truly be unforgettable, and definitely worth the investment!


For the body care girlie who is itching to try our new products, a trio of all three body oils with a free dry brush is a dream come true.

We Recommend: Body Oil Trio + Dry Brush $118 (save 10% + free brush)
Body Oil Trio
For longtime Apoterra fans, the expansion of our body care line is….a HUGE deal! We have had requests for a wider body care line for ages and we are so happy to deliver. Containing both new body oils, our popular Tulsi & Ashwagandha Adaptogen Body Oil, and a FREE dry brush, this gift set is the perfect way to try our new line.

The Rose & Amyris Grounding Body Oil is already positioned to be a new favorite with its delicious scent and grounding, comforting aromatic experience. It is naturally scented with rose, amyris (a sustainable alternative for sandalwood), and cedar. The body oil is a lightweight blend of squalane, organic plant oils and essential oils which can transform into a milky blend when applied to wet skin—making it sink in like a body serum with all the benefits of a moisturizer. It is packaged in a clear glass bottle to display its lovely rose color!

As mentioned in our Limited Edition Lover, we’re bringing back a familiar favorite with the Neroli & Yuzu Uplifting Body Oil. Formerly known as Soleil Body oil, the former limited edition body oil is now part of our Luminous Body Collection with a new name and improved formula. With this beautiful golden-orange oil, you can create and uplifting, anxiety-reducing experience with the benefits of Neroli and Yuzu.

The Apoterra enthusiast will already be familiar with our Tulsi & Ashwagandha Adaptogen Body Oil, which leverages the adaptogenic qualities of tulsi for an ultimate body connection—adapting to your needs by rejuvenating or de-stressing based on your body’s signals. Our dry brush is an added bonus that will help you get the full benefits of our body oils by exfoliating sweat and dead skin so that the oils make direct contact with your fresh skin!


We hope these ideas have helped you have a seamless holiday shopping experience! Head back to our gift guide below for a one-stop shopping section—and always feel free to reach out to us via chat, email, or social media if you need further advice about skincare selections!

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