Gift Guide #1 — For the Busy Mom

This gift guide features suggestions for The Busy Mom—including a two-second toning mist, a grounding body oil, and an adaptogenic aromatherapy set. Make holiday shopping seamless with our curated gift guide.

Price Range: $39-67


For a busy mom who struggles to find “me time,” a two-second luxury aromatherapeutic product can bring a sigh of relief.

We Recommend: Neroli Clarifying Complexion Mist for congested skin $39
Rose Essential Hydration Mist for dry or sensitive skin $39

Neroli Mists lifestyle image

With tiny humans running around, sometimes it feels impossible to wash your face uninterrupted. A luxurious, effective toning mist with hydrating or clarifying properties can be a perfect two-second option to balance, cleanse, and hydrate the face throughout the day.

Formulated with clean ingredients, herbalist knowledge, and aromatherapeutic benefits, these toning mists are designed to quench and clarify your skin. The Rose Essential Hydration mist is your best friend in cold, dry weather, and the Neroli Clarifying Mist is “liquid gold” for reducing clogged pores over time. Benefit from the stress-relieving aromatherapeutic properties of grounding rose or calming neroli. Both mists bring hydration and pH balance to your skin, supporting it with much-needed nourishment to protect the skin barrier!


If you are a mom, or you know any moms—you know we’re all stressed with very little time for self-care! A grounding body oil to reduce stress and boost self-esteem can be the encouragement you need to start the day.

We Recommend: The Rose & Amyris Grounding Body Oil $48

Rose and Amyris Body Oil
The Rose & Amyris Grounding Body Oil is already positioned to be a new favorite with its delicious scent and grounding, comforting aromatic experience. It is naturally scented with rose, amyris (a sustainable alternative for sandalwood), and cedar. The body oil is a lightweight blend of squalane, organic plant oils and essential oils which can transform into a milky blend when applied to wet skin—making it sink in like a body serum with all the benefits of a moisturizer. It is packaged in a clear glass bottle to display its lovely rose color!

This body oil is best used in the shower, which makes it a perfect option for a busy mom who only has scraps of time for herself. Breathe in the grounding floral & woodsy aroma for a luxurious pause before a long day, or finish your day with a steamy, aromatic shower to unwind.

Bundle & Save
This oil makes a luxe impression stand-alone, but is also available in a bundle & save trio set of travel-sized body oils (tulsi, neroli, and rose) with a FREE dry brush, for an amazing body care range.


Are you, or your mom friend, really feeling STRESSED? The adaptogenic aromatherapy properties of tulsi can do wonders.

We Recommend: Adaptogenic Aromatherapy Duo $67 (save 10%)
Tulsi Bundle

The hardest thing to do when you’re feeling the pressure is to make time to take care of yourself. Our Adaptogenic Aromatherapy Duo has that situation in mind. Carrying an aromatherapy roll-on makes it possible to apply aromatherapy throughout the day, even when you don’t have ten minutes to sneak away and care for yourself. It can be a life-saver to have in your purse or on the counter and give yourself a de-stressing boost as needed! It looks and functions as a perfume as well, so it enhances your scent for others with discrete de-stressing benefits for yourself.

The Tulsi & Ashwagandha Adaptogen Body Oil also fits into your routine because it is best applied with water when your skin is damp, allowing it to emulsify into a creamy moisturizing milk. Carrying the same adaptogenic aromatherapy benefits, you can leave your shower time rejuvenated…even if your toddler is about to challenge that in a few minutes! (It’s already roll-on time…)

Happy gifting!

We hope these ideas have helped you have a seamless holiday shopping experience! Head back to our gift guide below for a one-stop shopping section—and always feel free to reach out to us via chat, email, or social media if you need further advice about skincare selections!

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