What Are The Skin Benefits Of An Herbal Facial Steam?

If you don’t think you have ever done a facial steam then just think of all those long, steamy showers or hot baths you have taken over the course of your life. Your skin was enjoying a facial steam during all those pampering sessions!

Done safely and correctly, a facial steam can really help the skin, by opening up the pores, adding in much needed moisture and other awesome skin benefits.

Steaming on a regular basis can really help to transform your current skin care routine and provide a heap of benefits from allowing for better absorption of your follow up skin care products, to helping to calm a frazzled mind.

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Skin Benefits of a Facial Steam



While the benefits of a facial steam are many, and we’ll dive into this a bit later on, these are two of the main skin benefits.

Opens up pores

If you’re tired of dealing with congested pores that result in constant breakouts then a steam is a great way to open up your pores and clear out dirt and debris for clearer, smoother skin.

Open pores also allow for better absorption of your facial oils and serums, so they can sink deep and really get to work.

Adds in hydration

A steam is a great way to enjoy a dose of moisture if you suffer from dry skin, but also at this time of year, when the air is dry and your skin may feel in need of a little extra love. 

Benefits of an Herbal Steam

A simple facial steam in wonderful, but adding herbs to you steam will add a plethora of benefits to your experience. Our Herbal Detoxifying Steam blend of vibrant flowers and herbs opens up in the steaming water, creating a gorgeous, abstract, botanical “painting”. The flowers all have their very own unique benefits for your skin too!

Red rose will nourish and purify, calendula will soothe and reduce inflammation, and bright blue cornflowers will infuse your skin with anthocyanins, which have potent antioxidant properties to help ward off aging free radicals.

Adds in an extra dose of antioxidants

We know steam is great for opening up the pores, but when you add in soothing flowers, aromatic herbs and a dose of antioxidants to infuse your skin with nutrients, this becomes far more than just your regular facial steam!

Good for all skin Types

This herbal steam will help to open up your pores, clearing out dirt and debris that may result in breakouts, as well as add in a deep dose of moisture to parched skin.

This makes it ideal for all skin types, because it simultaneously facilitates the release of impurities, while adding in much needed hydration.

Preps Skin for Face Masks

Our facial steam is also a great way to prep your skin for your follow up products. In fact, we highly recommend applying a mask right after as the concentrated antioxidants and nutrients will sink deep down into your pores, delivering their active botanicals immediately, now that your pores are completely cleared out.

Get the most out of your steam by mixing the herbal water created by the steam with a clay mask and/or adding it to your bath water. A clay mask is recommended if your skin tends to be on the oilier side and if you suffer with congestion, although everyone can benefit from a clay mask every now and then!

If you’re looking for something a little more hydrating, aimed towards brightening the complexion, providing a gentle exfoliation and amping up the moisture levels, then our Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud is for you!

Clears out stuffy sinuses

Sinus issues are caused by congestion in the nasal passages and this can result in a lot of pain and an uncomfortable feeling of pressure in the face, around the nose, in the forehead and even the sides of the head, around the ears.

Sinus medications and medicated sprays usually provide only temporary relief, but steaming a regularly is the perfect natural alternative!

A steam helps to open up clogged nasal passages, relieving that pressure and providing glorious pain relief!

What makes this steam ideal for sinuses is that it also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe and reduce inflammation, which will help to provide long-term relief with regular use.

Calms a troubled mind

Most of us are always rushing around without stopping for a even a moment to take a few deep breaths, so by carving out time to enjoy this facial steam, you’ll truly be doing something good for your mental health and overall well-being.

There’s something almost hypnotic about putting your face over a bowl of steaming water and just breathing in and out, repetitively.

Of course this facial steam is different in that it’s infused with flowers and herbs to help lift your spirits and soothe your troubles, so really take some deep belly breaths to get the most out of this time for you.

A regular facial steam ritual will help to reduce your stress and leave you feeling blissed out, something most of us are in desperate need of!

Make the most of this ritual

Don’t just throw your herbs and water in a bowl and squeeze in a few minutes in between appointments or work, really give yourself the time you need to soak up all the amazing benefits.

This is a self-care ritual, designed to not only help improve your skin, but also to reduce your stress and leave you feeling uplifted and energized!

Choose a day when you have a good chunk of time for yourself, if not the whole day to do your own thing!

Wear your comfiest clothes, light some soothing candles, put on some chill tunes and create your own oasis of calm before you even get started.

Drink loads of water, add in some lemon if you have it and take some slow, deep breaths as you inhale the aromatic, soothing steam.

This is your time. Let your mind be free, focus on your breath going in and out and just be in the moment before carrying on with the rest of your day.

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