Expert Advice: How To Deal With Dry Skin - Part 3

How to deal with dry skin part 3 | Apoterra Skincare


In part two of our series on dry skin, I discussed how inviting oils into your routine can help create topical balance and alleviate dryness. In part three I want to introduce the best way to fully incorporate oil into your routine as a moisturizer on a daily basis.


When incorporating oil as your moisturizing ally, there’s an ok way to do it and a knock-it-out-of-the-park way to do it. When I tried moisturizing soley with oil for the first time back in 2007, I hated the experience. The oil sat on the top of my skin and eventually made its way into my eyes, causing them to burn and my mascara to run. My skin felt greasy and unsatisfied. Convinced that oil was the devil, I gave away my bottle and never looked back. Fast forward a few years and I am singing an entirely different tune. Thanks to reading Absolute Beauty by Pratima Raichur a few years ago, I now know how to use a face oil effectively: mix with moisture.


How to deal with dry skin | Why complimenting an oil with a mist is a must



It’s scientifically proven that moisture helps increase exponentially the absorption rate of oil into the skin. And since I’ve experienced the benefits of using moisture with oil firsthand, I won’t argue with science. The first time I blended my face oil with a hydrating mist, I heard angels sing. It was really that revelatory. The oil absorbed completely and my skin felt nourished and loved. There was no later-in-the-day-eye-burning and zero greasiness like before.  Learning to combine my face oil with a mist was a total game changer and is the only way I will use oil to moisturize to this day.


Here’s what I recommend:  When using your oil of choice, grab a mist like Apoterra’s Rose Hydrating toner, amazing for the winter months, or my newest obsession, the Tulsi White Rose Face mist, 100% pure hydrosol and perfect for the most sensitive of skin. After cleansing or rinsing your face, spritz a few sprays directly onto the skin and inhale the fragrance. Then place a few drops of your favorite oil into the palm of your hand, followed by equal number of spritzes of your mist. Blend together and then massage into your face. You can play with the ratio of oil to water based on your skin’s needs. Some will find they enjoy a higher ratio of oil to water, which feels more like a cream while others will prefer a higher ratio of water to oil, which feels more like a lotion in comparison. Play with it. Enjoy the sense of discovery, learning what your skin is calling for in each moment. It can change day to day, especially in these cold winter months. I promise, you will love this experience.

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