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We encourage you to begin with this essential Apoterra Lymphatic Sequence designed for you by Cecily Braden. This lymphatic sequence gives you the power to unearth healthier, glowing skin when you practice consistently, daily if possible. How? The gentle massage strokes in this 3-5 minute routine help relieve stagnant fluid and debris that’s built up below the skin’s surface. Encouraging the movement and flow of these materials, it improves the delivery of nutrients and the removal of waste leading to improved skin health and overall appearance.

When: Daily, ideally in the morning
Why: To encourage movement of lymphatic fluid, ultimately aiding your body in removing waste and delivering nutrients to you skin.
Pressure: Light  
Important to Know: This sequence should be practiced prior to the Apoterra Protocol or other more advanced facial gua sha techniques. Once you complete the lymphatic sequence on one side of your face, it should be repeated on the other side of your face. 

Note: this sequence is also outlined in the printed Gua Sha booklet included with your stone.

We suggest watching the video in full and not skipping steps. For a more in-depth how-to on each step, use the outline below to jump around.

i. Step 1 - Chin to Sternal Notch - :43
ii. Step 2 - Side of Neck - 1:33
iii. Step 3 - Below the ear to base of neck - 1:47
iv. Step 4 - Along the spine - 3:59
v. Step 5 - Zig Zags | Back to front of neck - 5:20
vi. Step 6 - The “offramp” - 5:56
vii. Step 7 - Jawline - 8:38
viii. Step 8 - Outward sweeps on cheeks - 9:27
ix. Step 9 - Downward sweeps below cheekbone - 10:39
x. Step 10 - Downward sweeps below eye area - 11:28
xi. Step 11 - Second outward sweep on cheek - 12:14
xii. Step 12 - Forehead - 13:26


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