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This lymphatic sequence gives you the power to unearth healthier, glowing skin when you practice consistently, daily if possible. How? The gentle massage strokes in this 3-5 minute routine helps to relieve stagnant fluid and debris that’s built up below the skin’s surface. Encouraging the movement and flow of these materials, it improves the delivery of nutrients and the removal of waste leading to improved skin health and overall appearance.

When: Daily, ideally in the morning
Why: To encourage movement of lymphatic fluid, ultimately aiding your body in removing waste and delivering nutrients to you skin.
Pressure: Light
Important to Know: This sequence should be practiced prior to the Apoterra x Cecily Braden Facial Gua Sha Protocol or any other targeted facial Gua Sha techniques. Once you complete the lymphatic sequence on one side of your face, it should be repeated on the other side of your face. 

Follow the protocol using the video or step-by-step instructions below

the apoterra x cecily braden

Lymphatic Sequence

Prepare for the Ritual
Embrace the moment, take deep breaths & set your intention. Wear something soft & cozy that exposes your neck and decollete. Then start by washing your stone using a cleansing mist or soap & water. 

Apply Your Apoterra Products
For this gentle massage, it is essential to prep skin to avoid tugging & to facilitate a smooth glide. Generously apply your favorite Apoterra toner & serum or balm. You’re ready to begin. 

With Each Step
• Use the side of the stone delineated beneath each step by a number. If two numbers are listed, you can use either.  
• Follow the directional arrows & repeat the stroke 3-5x, unless otherwise noted 
• Apply little to no pressure on the skin’s surface
• Hold the stone at a 15 degree angle
• Throughout each stroke, be sure that the stone’s edge maintains connection with the skin, leaving no gaps

Step 1Glide the Apoterra x CJB Facial Gua Sha Tool from under the chin to the sternal notch at the base of the collar.

Step 2Glide the tool with even downward strokes from just under your jawline to above your collarbone. Make sure to cover the full surface of your neck front to back.

Step 3Connect the stone with the bottom edge of the skull, just behind the ear & glide downward with light, easy strokes to the base of the neck. Tip: If tender or puffy, try reversing the strokes. Start at the base of the neck & stroke downward lengthening & overlapping your strokes as you work up the neck.

Step 4Using the spine as a guide, make gentle strokes from the base of the crown, just below occipital ridge, to the protruding vertebrae (C7) at the base of the neck. Hug the spine & pathways next to the spine, avoiding pressure on the vertebrae themselves.

Step 5Use light “zig zag” strokes from the back of the neck to the front. Your grip should be light and your wrist loose for easy sweeping motions up and down.

Step 6Using the “V” created by angle 4, nestle the stone up & under the ear. Side 6 of the stone should be flat in front of the ear. Without moving the stone, gently pull downward (do not press) to create a pumping motion (5-7 times). Follow with downward sweeping motions keeping flush against the area in front of the ear (5-7 times). If this area feels tender, go back to Step 1 and perform downward sweeping motions under the entire ear area to the collarbone.

Step 7Place the stone at the center of the chin & glide outward, contouring above & below the jawbone to where the jawline ends & meets the lymphatic pathway below your ear.

Step 8Hook the stone vertical in the “laugh line” area starting from corner of nose & running down to the chin. Sweep outward with smooth strokes making sure to maintain contact with the skin, but not pressure.

Step 9Sweep downward with light strokes from below the cheekbone to the jawbone. Move tool towards the ear after each stroke.

Step 10Repeat Step 9, but above the cheekbone and under eye socket. Sweep downward with light pressure. Do not place the stone in the soft tissue under eye, but rather on and below the bone. Use a light pressure to make sure you do not stretch the skin under the eye.

Step 11Sweep outward with light pressure from the nose to the jawline with a slightly upward angle.

Step 12Consists of 3 upward movements: center, above eyebrow, and corner of the brow. Begin by holding the stone horizontal & sweep with gentle upward strokes on the forehead to the hairline. Start at the center & move outward to the left & right side. Finally, switch the stone to vertical & sweep from the center of the forehead outward toward the temple.

navigating your facial gua sha tool

stone map

lypmphatic protocol 

the video tutorial!

Video Index
We suggest watching the video in full and not skipping steps. For a more in-depth how-to on each step, use the outline below to jump around.

Step 1 - Chin to Sternal Notch - :43
Step 2 - Side of Neck - 1:33
Step 3 - Below the ear to base of neck - 1:47
Step 4 - Along the spine - 3:59
Step 5 - Zig Zags | Back to front of neck - 5:20
Step 6 - The “offramp” - 5:56
Step 7 - Jawline - 8:38
Step 8 - Outward sweeps on cheeks - 9:27
Step 9 - Downward sweeps below cheekbone - 10:39
Step 10 - Downward sweeps below eye area - 11:28
Step 11 - Second outward sweep on cheek - 12:14
Step 12 - Forehead - 13:26

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