We are currently (as of April 30th 2020) looking for someone to join our team as a production manager in Waterbury, CT.    


About Us: 

Apoterra is a natural, holistic and eco-friendly skincare brand. Founded in 2012 in a NYC kitchen, our founder’s  vision was to create a brand that was honest, healthy, sustainably produced and inclusive. Over the years, the brand has grown to focus on not only creating good-for-you and the planet skincare products, but also holistic wellness tips.  

Some of our core values include:

Honesty always.

We believe in the power of honesty, with both oneself and others. We are not about trends and titles. We are about substance, real content and thoughts, and a high quality experience that is true to who we are.


We believe that we only improve ourselves and our future by improving the world around us. 

This means working to elevate those around you, giving to give, and having a passion for environmentalism, animal rights and human rights.


Be curious always.

Only through curiosity can you improve and push boundaries. We value curiosity for the unknown, learning always, trying the new and the impossible. When you stop being curious, you stop growing.


We believe nature is powerful and wise.

Science is a tool to better understand her but does not dictate her.


About the Production Manager Position:

Now operating in a 3000 sq ft space in Waterbury CT, we are currently looking for someone to join our dynamic team as the lead product maker (production manager).  As the Apoterra Production manager you will get to work with plants in their many forms weekly, and have opportunities to possibly foster relationships with local farms. 

The production manager's goal is to create natural skincare products, maintain and elevate excellent production standards and maintain a high level of organization and cleanliness in the production space. This involves physically making natural skincare products, including cold process soap, following established quality control and bookkeeping protocols, managing finished goods and raw material inventory and ensuring that ingredient and finished goods quality meets our strict standards. The production manager ideally will also be able to manage, grow, and train a production team to maintain high cleanliness and production standards as well as foster a team culture that encourages honesty, curiosity and sustainability.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Produce skincare products, including but not limited to cold process soap, facial oils, toners, scrub, body butters, skin teas and more.
  • Manage raw material + finished goods inventory
  • Schedule and oversee production (natural skincare products)
  • Oversee purchasing of raw materials
  • Oversee receiving of raw materials + quality control
  • Oversee inventory and transfer of finished goods to the shipping department
  • Light bookkeeping and data organization
  • Communicate with CEO (founder Dominique Caron) on a daily basis and create monthly reports.

Performance Indicators

Within the first 6 months of employment, you should be able to:

  • Be able to produce all 17 products autonomously
  • Meet all quality control standards during the production process
  • Manage inventory accurately
  • Maintain a production facility that could pass safe manufacturing, FDA and organic certification.
  • Deliver monthly reports in a timely manner and with accuracy

This job might be for you if you:

  • Love baking
  • Are able to accept constructive criticism
  • Are able to adapt to change quickly
  • Are detail oriented and very organized
  • Are able to create and implement systems that improve performance and reduce errors.
  • Have the ability to adapt your managing style based on employee personality
  • Love to learn and can self teach
  • You must be able to and willing to lift 50lbs
  • Are able to do basic math and conversions ( Pop quiz!:  “If 28g = 30 ml of product A, how many grams are in 4 fl oz of product A”.) 
  • Are a problem solver and self starter
  • Have good communication skills
  • Can maintain a clean and organized environment
  • Love natural skincare, aromatherapy, herbalism and/or healthy living.
  • Are willing to learn how to use production equipment and other machinery

You should value:

  • Honesty
  • Curiosity
  • Appreciation for sustainability movement
  • Learning
  • Helping others


It would be great (but not necessary)  if you:

  • Have experience making skincare products
  • Have experience making cold process soap
  • Have a background in chemistry 
  • Have experience working in quality control
  • Have professional food prep/baking experience
  • Have inventory management experience
  • Have some knowledge of skincare formulating
  • Have experience with Asana and Slack
  • Have experience using Google Drive
  • Have experience using excel 
  • Have a passion for sustainability/eco-friendliness
  • Have a passion for healthy living
  • Have a passion for natural skincare

Job Type: Full-Time. 

We also have part-time opportunities so if this position seems like a good fit for you but you are not currently available full time, we encourage you to apply.

Compensation: Varies depending on experience.  With benefits.

Location: Waterbury, CT.

Please send resume with a cover letter as to why you think you are the right fit for this job and the answer to our the pop quiz (included above under “this job might be for you if you:”) to dominique@apoterra.com.  Put “Production Manager job application” as the subject of your email.  Thank you!

Covid note:  Because of the current covid outbreak, the interview process and the initial training for this position will be done remotely via video conferencing.