How to Create Proper Glide

Skin prep is essential. For this gentle facial massage, it’s important you take a few moments before you begin using your tool to create the proper “glide” on your skin. This helps to prevent any unwanted tugging or pulling of the skin as you go about your routine. Preparing your skin correctly with phytonutrient-rich skincare products also allows it to receive deeper nourishment as you practice. Your skin should have a generous amount of a facial oil or balm to avoid tugging or pulling of the skin, and to facilitate a smooth glide for your Apoterra x Cecily Braden Facial Gua Sha Tool.

It’s important you begin with clean skin, and if time allows, start by cleansing with your favorite bar of Apoterra complexion soap. Short on time? Skip the soap cleanse and instead generously apply 5-6 mists of your favorite Apoterra toner so that your skin is damp and ready to receive a moisturizing oil or balm. Next, apply 5-10 drops of your favorite facial oil (the amount depends on your skin’s current needs) or a chickpea-sized amount of balm.

Not sure which products you should use?
If you’ve purchased an Apoterra x CJB Facial Gua Sha Kit, Cecily’s favorite Apoterra picks for facial Gua Sha include the Neroli Clarifying Toner and Night Regenerative Balm.

For skin that's in need of calming or that’s currently irritated or congested, we recommend our Neroli Clarifying Toner. If your skin is in need of extra hydration, or if your spirit could use a pick me up from self-love inducing rose absolute, grab our Rose Hydrating Toner.

Oils and Balm
Cecily’s pick, the Night Regenerative Balm, is our thickest moisturizer; a little bit goes a long way. Opt in to our luscious balm and apply less product throughout your practice.

Looking for something lighter? Look to our Herbal Balancing Serum or Night Clarifying Facial Oil that are both clarifying facial oils that offer plenty of glide and slip to the skin.

Dehydrated and/or balanced skin will drink up our beloved Rose Nourishing Serum, a slightly thicker oil than those above.

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