When it comes to natural skincare, freshness is key to effectiveness. Natural ingredients lose their vitality and potency with age. To ensure that your customers are getting the most effective and potent products, we offer the Apoterra Freshness Guarantee.  

How the freshness audit works 

As an Apoterra stockist or esthetician, you will receive an audit form via email biannually. We request that you complete and return the form within 2 weeks of receipt. Upon review, we will inform you of which products (SKU + Batch #) are close to or past their sell by date and therefore need to be removed from the shelf. We will also email you a prepaid shipping label to ship those items back to us. You will then have a choice to either exchange these products with fresher products of the same SKU (which we will ship to you free of charge), or to accept store credit for the value of those items to be used towards your next order. In order to receive your store credit or product swap for unsold and unopened products, you must return them to us with the return label sent to you via email. 

Available to wholesale customer only. Please note that the freshness guarantee does not apply to back bar or refill sizes. Offered to stockists in the US + Canada only. Does not apply to orders placed through Faire.