Acne is complicated.  But knowledge is power and clear skin is very much possible with the right approach.  One very common mistake people make is they dry out their skin and over-cleanse because they have been taught that acne is caused by dirt and oily skin.  We're here to tell you that using "drying" treatments, "oil reducing" creams, and magical masks that if used every day will apparently solve all your skincare issues are NOT the way to clear skin.  If you are looking for a "miracle product", we are not the brand for you.  But if you are interested in learning how to clear your skin naturally and for good, read on!
Below is our 5 part "Natural Ways to Treat Acne" series which covers everything from:
If you are feeling overwhelming, breathe. One baby step at a time :)  Start with Part 1 below, and reach out to us at anytime with questions, concerns or additional advice at, through Facebook messenger or by messaging us on Instagram (@apoterraskincare). We're so excited for you and we are happy to be here to help you on your journey!


What causes acne? A natural acne solution.


how hormones affect acne



how your skin microbiome could be to blame for your breakouts


Skin barrier and acid mantle.   Natural Ways to Treat Acne



finding balance - a holistic way to dealing with acne