4 Questions to Ask When Building Your Skincare Routine

By Hayley Wood for Apoterra Skincare

We often get asked where a skincare routine is right for a customer's skin—and for good reason! Choosing the right skincare routine can feel complicated and overwhelming. Do we adjust when our skin is in a flare? Or based on our age? Or do we start over whenever we find something new and exciting to try? There are endless opportunities to mix up your skincare routine steps, but what is really best?

We're here to help! This article is meant to help demystify building a powerful skincare routine so you can get the results you are looking for. Give it a read if you want to learn how a pro navigates these decisions, and how you can too.

(But if you want a short cut, we got you covered there too. In less than 5 minutes, you can take The Skin Quiz, built by our professionals to help you find the ideal skincare routine steps for your skin, and get instant advice. We think it’s pretty great—give it a try!)

Now, if you’re ready to get results with your skincare routine, let’s take a closer look. Take 30 seconds to reflect on your daily skincare routine steps, and then dive into the four essential questions from our team of licensed skin care professionals:

Question #1 Are my basic skincare routine steps covered?

apoterra discovery kit basics for skincare routine steps

A comprehensive  routine typically follows these skincare routine steps:

Step 1: Cleanser

Cleanse the skin without stripping or compromising its pH or protective barrier. Opt for gentle and consistent cleansing using products like Cleansing Complexion bars or oil cleansers.

Step 2: Hydrator

Restore hydration and balance pH with water-based products such as hydrosols, mists, toners, or water-based serums. This step prepares the skin for better nutrient absorption. Try Toning Mists.

Step 3: Moisturizer

Choose nourishing products like facial oils, serums, or balms to seal in moisture and provide nutrients tailored to your skin type and condition. 

Step 4: SPF

In your morning routine, use a moisturizer with SPF or a separate daily SPF product to shield your skin from UV rays and environmental damage. Here is a list of top EWG approved SPFs!


Consider incorporating additional skincare routine steps like masking and exfoliation once you have your basics established. These steps enhance skin health by treating and exfoliating, but they are not part of daily care.

The Apoterra Discovery Kits include the majority of these products to fill the gaps on any missing steps. Take our quiz to determine which one would be best for you. 

When it comes to skincare, avoid falling for niche advertising that promotes unnecessary products. It's crucial to have your basics covered first as this will establish a balance in your skin. Without a solid foundation, serums, masks, and exfoliators won't be as effective, and can end up being wasteful. We’ve all done it, so don’t worry if this feels like you, we just want to make sure that you feel confident behind your purchases moving forward.

Question #2 When was the last time I updated my products? 

woman applying Apoterra vitamin c regenerative balm

Regularly evaluate your skincare products to ensure they are not expired or compromised. Check for symbols indicating the shelf life of opened products. Observe changes in consistency, smell, or texture. Most products last 6-12 months, but frequent usage may require replacements every 2-6 months. Apoterra provides batch numbers for reference, and detailed ingredient information is available on their website. Reach out to the brand for assistance.

Check out more about our freshness and batch number system here. 

Question #3 Am I consistent with my skincare routine?

essential hydration power duo with rose hydration mist and vitamin c regenerative balm

Consistency is vital for long-term skin health. Similar to dental hygiene, daily efforts have a significant impact. Just as regular brushing and flossing maintain oral health, a consistent skincare routine is essential. Even if you seek immediate support for an inflammatory skin condition, it's recommended to start with the basic steps mentioned earlier. 

Perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s difficult to start building consistency in your routine? That’s okay—this is why this self-inventory of questions can be useful to pose yourself when you aren’t getting the results you’re seeking. Building mindful practices and consistency in your skincare routine steps supports your skin's optimal function over time. This can look different for everyone so start by addressing what the blocks might be: 

Is it too much of a time commitment? Skincare can be simple and impactful—check out our power duos to help you save time without sacrificing results.

Or is it because you’re not enjoying your products? That leads to our next and final question…

Question #4 How does my skincare make me feel?

positive feeling using natural skincare and supporting natural beauty

This question is often overlooked but crucial to your overall experience. For a skincare routine to succeed, enjoying the process (at least to some extent) can make the biggest difference. 

If a product makes you feel less vibrant, it won't matter if it was recommended by a professional. If you dislike the smell, texture, or other aspects, consider it a sign that the product may not be a good fit to help you build consistency. Trust your intuitive senses; if the skincare routine steps cause stress or anxiety, it won't benefit your skin's health. Each step in your skincare routine can be an opportunity for self-nurturing. 

For example, we love to use our Vetiver Illuminating Oil Cleanser to cleanse off our makeup and sunscreen from the day. But did you know that vetiver is an excellent opportunity for grounding aromatherapy? Taking a moment to breathe in the aroma can help you feel grounded and more connected to your body and skin!

Remember, your skincare routine steps don't have to be perfect every time. If you don't enjoy it for any reason, there are plenty of other products available that may be a better fit. You deserve a routine that brings you joy.

This skincare self-inventory guide aims to empower you as a collaborator in your skincare journey. While professional advice tailored to your needs is valuable, it's essential to take ownership of your skincare experience. Your skin deserves the best, and this guide is here to support you.


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