Thoughts On Seasons, Cycles, And Slowing Down

In nature, all things occur in cycles. Winter to fall. New moon to full. The rising and setting of our sun. It would be silly of us to believe ourselves unaffected by these cycles — oh no,it is very much the opposite. If we pay close attention to our bodies, our thoughts, and our emotions, we see that these, too, function in cycles, and that these cycles are very much related to the cycles of nature at large.


Choosing to move through life according to the flow of these cycles — that is going with rather than forcing against — can bring much harmony and balance to our lives. All it requires is our thoughtful awareness. Begin to pay attention, at whatever capacity you can. Notice. Take note of the season, the moon phase, the position of the sun. How are you feeling right now? Close your eyes and feel what your body is telling you. What could you do this very moment to feel better?


Somehow, we seem to have collectively accepted the notion that we need to keep pushing. That we need to work harder; to do more. Oftentimes we end up depriving ourselves of the rest and recovery we truly need, just because we feel like resting would be unacceptable. Again, it is just the opposite. And just as there are certain times when our bodies require more rest, there are also certain times when our bodies want to push hard — these are the times when we crave rigorous movement; when it feels most natural. Everything occurs in cycles. 

waterfall tuning into nature for health 



 So take note. Breathe and feel. Keep a journal of how you’re feeling — physically, mentally, emotionally. Soon enough you’ll be sure to see patterns. When I eat this, I feel groggy. When I get that amount of sleep, I feel energized. During this time of day, I feel agitated. When the moon is in that phase, I feel inspired. 


Spend time in nature. Drink in all of its beauty. Stand outside and soak in the moon. Walk barefoot through the forest. Dip your hands into a running stream. All of these things will help you sync with the rhythm of Mother Nature.


In the meantime, try not to judge yourself for any feelings you experience, or for partaking in any activities that cause you to feel a certain way. Just notice. In time, if you continue to pay attention, you will find yourself very much in tune with your body; in tune with nature as a whole.

fall cycle

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