Detoxifying Mind And Body With A Dry Brush And A Body Scrub

The human body is a magnificent thing. It has deep wisdom and is always doing all it can to bring us toward optimal health. The body is constantly working to expel toxins that accumulate within it – and it always appreciates a helping hand.


Dry brushing is an ancient technique that gently helps to detoxify both internally and externally; both body and mind.


Internally, it immediately stimulates blood circulation and aids the lymphatic system in moving along metabolic waste to ultimately be expelled from the body.


The methodical strokes of bristles on skin activates the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and foster a sense of peace and wellbeing in the mind.


Done regularly, dry brushing is believed to have a wonderful impact on digestion – a system that could always use a little extra love.


It’s also widely known as a cellulite reducer, helping to smooth out fat deposits beneath the skin.


Externally, it helps to unclog pores and exfoliate the skin for a smooth, clean feel. Those who dry brush daily seem to have a noticeable healthy, radiant glow about them.


 Dry brush



So, how is it done? Simple.


First, get yourself a dry brush. It’s preferable to choose one with natural bristles, as well as a long handle to reach tough spots.


Make sure your skin and brush are totally dry before you start. Beginning with the bottoms of your feet, brush your skin upwards in long, sweeping motions. Always move towards the heart as this will help to get blood and lymph flowing properly. When you’re ready for your upper body, begin with the hands and sweep in towards your torso.


Avoid areas that are cut or irritated, and vary the pressure your apply based on what feels right for each part of your body. If it feels particularly good to brush a certain area, feel free to spend more time there – your body is calling for that love. If you want to brush your face, consider getting a smaller brush with softer bristles – one made specifically for the face. A dry brushing session can take anywhere between just a few minutes and a full hour, or possibly even longer. Go with whatever your body is calling for in that moment.


When you’re finished, always follow your session with a shower or bath. This will wash away any toxins that were released from your body during your session.


An alternate detoxification technique – or one to do in addition – is to use a great body scrub. I’m a huge fan of the Tulsi Scrub with Lavender and Pink Sea Salt – talk about calming the nerves. As soon as I open the jar an aroma-induced sense of calm takes over.


Tulsi Luminous Body Scrub with Pink Sea Salt + Lavender


You can use the scrub in a similar way as you dry brush – large strokes toward the heart, applying more pressure where you need it.


Whether dry brushing, body scrubbing, or both, you’ll step out of that shower feeling like the goddess you are. These, my friends, are beauty rituals that go well past the surface.


by Brigette Muller (aka Hummus Bird)

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