How does our subscription option work?

When you subscribe to your favorite products, you save 10% on each order.  You can pick your delivery schedule and never worry about running out of your favorites. Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder email before you are charged for each order and you can skip, cancel or change your subscription deliveries at any time.


Need to change the details of your subscription? It's easy!

Simply start by logging in to your Apoterra account by clicking REGISTER/LOG IN on the top right of the screen, or click here. Once logged in, select MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS at the top left. Here you can edit delivery dates, product details, payment info, and more. 

How to subscribe to your favorite products

When you're on the product page, below the price you'll see two options; One- time Purchase and Subscribe & Save. Click the Subscribe & Save option and choose your delivery schedule. Then click Add to Cart. 

What frequency should I set my subscription for? 

What if I am having difficulty logging into my account?

Go to the log in page (here). Click on FORGOT PASSWORD to reset your password. If you are still having difficulty logging in, please email us at  

How can I skip a delivery?

Once you've clicked on MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS select DELIVERY SCHEDULE. Here, you can SKIP or UNSKIP upcoming deliveries. 

How can I change my delivery schedule?

Once you've clicked on MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS select SUBSCRIPTIONS. Find the subscription you'd like to change and click the EDIT option under the ACTIONS column. If you are on a mobile device, you may need to scroll to the right to view the actions column. Once you are directed to a new screen, select CHANGE DELIVERY SCHEDULE. Edit by days, weeks, or months via the dropdown box. Don't forget to press SAVE. 

How can I change my next charge date?

Under with the DELIVERY SCHEDULE or SUBSCRIPTIONS menu, find the subscription item you'd like to edit.  Click the EDIT option under the ACTIONS column. You will be directed to a new screen where you can select CHANGE NEXT CHARGE DATE. Select your new date from the drop down box and click SAVE. 

*Please note. By changing the charge date, your next delivery date is automatically changed as well. For example, if your subscription is set to go out 1x per week, your schedule would look as follows; 11/01, 11/08, 11/15 etc. If the charge date is changed to 11/05, the new delivery schedule would be 11/05, 11/12, 11/19, etc. 

I love my product! Can I add more to each delivery?

You bet. Click the DELIVERY SCHEDULE menu on the top left, once there, click the EDIT option under ACTIONS of the subscription you'd like to edit. Next, select CHANGE PRODUCT QUANTITY. Make your update in the drop down box and don't forget to click SAVE. 

Can I add a new product to my existing subscription?

Yes! Once you've logged into your account, select MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS, and click SUBSCRIPTIONS from the menu. Scroll to find the order you'd like to add to and click the ADD PRODUCT button. Once you're directed to the new screen, either use the search bar at the top of the screen, or scroll through the products listed below to find what you're looking for  Once you select your product, make sure the delivery schedule matches that of your existing subscription (i.e. number of weeks). Once you add the product to your order, you'll be returned to your subscriptions page. Here you'll find all items in your order along with the delivery schedule and next scheduled delivery. 

Where can I update my payment or billing information?

Select BILLING INFORMATION from the top left menu below your name. Look for CARD ON FILE and click UPDATE CARD to change your payment details. Change your billing information here as well by selecting EDIT next to BILLING INFORMATION. 

I have a new shipping address. 

Make sure to update your shipping address as soon as it changes to ensure safe delivery of your next order. Once you log in to you account, go to MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS, then click SUBSCRIPTIONS from the menu on the top left. Go to your order and click EDIT under ACTIONS. Once you're directed to a new page, scroll down until you see SHIPPING with your name and current address below. Click EDIT. Here, you can update your information and then click SAVE. 

How can I cancel my subscription?

We hate to see you go, but understand your preferences may change! Go to SUBSCRIPTIONS under the top left menu. Here you'll find your orders displayed. Simply click CANCEL for the order you wish to stop, select your reason, then select CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION and your order will be canceled.  

I have another question. 

We're here to help! Send an email to