Ingredient Spotlight: Coming Clean With Charcoal

activated charcoal


For tens of thousands of years, healers have used charcoal to cure. They have enlisted its powers to soak up poisons, and to heal digestive disorders. Today, we are discovering that charcoal is good for a whole lot more, including skincare. But how does it work?


activated charcoal soap


What is charcoal?


Charcoal is made by burning wood or coconut shells which removes oxygen and creates a porous surface that is highly absorbent. The increased surface area soaks up everything in its path, and has the ability to take on a thousands of times its weight. Charcoal’s negative electric charge makes it even more efficient at capturing positively charged toxins and gases.


what can charcoal help with?


What can charcoal help with?


Charcoal can be used to absorb toxins internally as well as externally. When ingested, it will soak up unwanted poisons, toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and gasses from our digestive tract. Externally, charcoal acts like a magnet, clearing dirt from our pores, removing stains from teeth, and ridding our bodies and breath of bad odors.


activated charcoal and dead sea salt soap


How do I use charcoal?


Here are some ways that you can work charcoal intro your daily routine. Remember, the less dirt to clean up, the more your body can focus on being radiant and beautiful. Your cells will concentrate on every day functioning, on processing the good stuff like vitamins and minerals.  In turn, you’ll experience increased energy, a clearer mind, and healthy organs from your skin to your heart to. Give it a go and make charcoal a part of your life.



charcoal soap



1. Work charcoal into your skincare routine to keep pores clear of excessive oil and bacteria.
This will help keep pores clean, and ultimately reduce their visibility & size.  Using charcoal will also work great for reducing the occurrence of blemishes.  If you have oily skin, a daily charcoal soap will work wonders. No matter if your skin is oily, normal or dry, try working in a charcoal mask once a week for a deep clean.  


2. Ingest an activated charcoal tablet in-between meals (at least 2 hours after consuming vitamins, supplements, or prescriptions), and especially whenever you consume non-organic food or alcohol. This will clean up toxins from the digestive system and flush them out even before they reach the bloodstream.


charcoal toothpaste


3. Pick-up a charcoal tooth brush!
These little guys from Rikumo deodorize the mouth, prevent
bad breath, and remove plaque and stains. Even cooler? The charcoal has anti-bacterial properties that self-cleanse your toothbrush in-between uses.


4. Opt for a natural deodorant made with charcoal.
It works by trapping bacteria before its able to release any putrid smells. Check out
Piper Wai’s crème deodorant to give it a try.


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