Apoterra Bio-Knit Tote Bag

Carbon Neutral
Low Waste
Supports Women

Apoterra Bio-Knit Tote Bag

Carbon Neutral
Low Waste
Supports Women
Carbon Neutral
Low Waste
Supports Women


Introducing our "From the Earth" Market Tote Bag - released to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!  Custom made for us by bag maker Junes from an eco-friendly Bioknit terracotta fabric, and silk screened with custom artwork by artist Annabelle Golden from Graphics and Grain.

For every bag sold, 5 trees will be planted through a donation by Apoterra to Trees to the Future. The purchase of this bag also supports Junes, who donates a portion of every purchase to the Global Fund for Women, to help empower and protect women from brutality.

About the Bag:

This bag is a carbon neutral product and is made from a special "bio-knit" fabric which is made from recycled plastic bottles and CiCLO® technology.  Bio-Knit bags help reduce plastic pollution in our landfills and waterways. Naturally occurring microbes in the environment can consume the bio-knit fibers, just like they would cotton, wool, or rayon. Bio-Knit has a matte finish and softens over time, without losing tenacity.  

The size is perfect for an essential shopping bag, with longer handles for carrying tall greens, tall flowers, and taller things, in general.  It's ready to fill to the brim and beyond and comfortably throw over your shoulder. Two inside pockets contain the small stuff and preserve the organizational Zen. 

From the Earth:

Apoterra means "from the earth" - this statement represents what Apoterra stands for as a brand and as a team. We are devoted to respecting, thriving with, and giving back to the earth. This takes the form of committing to source our ingredients sustainably, using natural ingredients in our formulations for improved wellness & skincare, to doing our best to give back and live in reciprocity with the earth.  Read more about our mission statement and environmental commitment


Apoterra was founded in 2012 and 2022 marks our 10 year anniversary! To celebrate, we wanted to release our first ever branded accessory and have it do good instead of create waste.
We approached Junes and Annabelle Golden from Graphics and Grain to create this one of a kind bag that would be eco-friendly and also give back by donating a proceed of each sale to Trees for the Future.

About the Artist: Annabelle Golden is a freelance artist and graphic designer. Her work consists of graphic illustrations inspired by the outdoors and the natural world. She love including uplifting messages paired with natural imagery to evoke a positive feeling and sense of calm for those who enjoy my work.

About the Bag Manufacturers:Junes started with a simple idea – save more plastic bags from being wasted by creating a reusable one that people actually want to carry. Founder, Janean Mann, travelled over the border from El Paso to Juarez in search of the perfect materials for her bags.
During a trip in 2014, she was struck by the rows of fliers pleading for information on missing women, mostly young girls - the deaths having grown exponentially since her last visit. In a place plagued by human and drug trafficking, a culture of corruption, cartels, and misogyny had created a perfect storm of mass violence against innocent women. Janean launched Junes in dedication to helping the women of Juarez, weaving the mission into the very fabric of their bags. They've partnered with an all-female sewing co-op there to help women sustainably support their families and donate a portion of all sales to the Global Fund for Women to empower and protect women from gender-based violence.
They also recently achieved their largest environmental goal yet - launching a revolutionary new fabric (bio-knit, from which the Apoterra Market tote is made from) that is made from recycled plastic and won’t last forever in the environment.
☞ Carries up to 35lb
☞ W: 15” H: 16”
☞ With straps: H: 29”

Folds up small for stashing and stowing
Fabric made in the U.S.
NO formaldehyde or toxic dyes
Machine or hand wash, line dry
The impact of purchasing a bag:
☯ 5 trees will be planted (read more about this below!)
☯ ≈500 plastic bags can be saved per year with one Junes bag.
☯ Plastics can take up to 1,000 years to decompose in the environment.
♀ Junes bags keep 18 women earning a sustainable income in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
♀ A portion Junes sales goes to empower and protect women from violence. 117,696 women, and counting.

5 trees planted by Trees for the Future Since 2015, Apoterra has been planting 1 tree for every product sold by making donations to Trees for the Future. Planting trees might seem like an old fashioned, but its a powerful action that can fight climate change, reduce hunger and reduce poverty.

Unsustainable land use is the leading cause of the climate crisis. Sustainable agriculture can reverse the damage and protect people and landscapes. The solution has to include a sustainable and equitable food system, and this starts with restoring farmland that embraces trees instead of clearing them. Through their Forest Garden Approach, Trees for the Future (TREES) achieves exactly that - by training communities on sustainable land use so that they can grow vibrant economies, thriving food systems, and a healthier planet.
About Bio-knit Fabric:
The bio-knit mesh uses thread infused with an additive called CiCLO®. This ingredient allows naturally occurring microbes in landfills and seawater to consume the fibers, just like they would cotton, wool, or rayon.

You may notice that Bio-Knit fabric feels a little different - it will soften up over time and washes, without losing tenacity. And since Junes adds the CiCLO® technology to their recycled bottle polyester during the meltdown process, it becomes embedded and never washes away.

Chemistry used to make CiCLO® fibers is ECO PASSPORT by OEKOTEX® certified.


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