pressure guidelines

Applying the correct amount of pressure and maintaining contact throughout your practice is key!

Applying the right amount of pressure & keeping contact during the Apoterra x Cecily Braden Lymphatic Sequence
Throughout this sequence, it’s important to keep the stone at a 15 degree angle. To help gauge what this looks like, position yourself in front of a mirror while you’re beginning to explore with your stone. Your tool will look as though it is nearly flushed against the skin. The angle of the stone being used (as specified in each sequence or protocol) should remain in constant contact with this surface of the skin - meaning there should be no gap between the edge of the stone and your skin.

It’s important to note that when practicing the lymphatic sequence, virtually no pressure is needed. Keeping a light hand, simply use the weight of the stone as it glides across your skin. Why? The purpose of the lymphatic sequence is to break up stagnation of debris and fluid that’s built up just below the skin’s surface, versus more advanced techniques which address issues at deeper levels of the skin, so heavy pressure is not needed.

Visual Guide
Watch :43 - 1:25 of the Apoterra x Cecily Braden Lymphatic Sequence video to see and hear Cecily’s description of pressure and contact!

Applying the right amount of pressure & keeping contact during the targeted Facial Gua Sha Protocols
Throughout your facial Gua Sha practice, maintain a 15 degree angle of the stone as you would in the lymphatic sequence. Don’t forget, a mirror can be your friend here while you’re learning and exploring!

Because the Apoterra x Cecily Braden Facial Gua Sha Protocol and facial Gua Sha techniques target specific skin concerns at deeper levels of the skin - we’re looking at you, sub fascia - firmer pressure is needed than in the lymphatic sequence (which uses none!). Using light to medium pressure throughout your facial Gua Sha practice, take notice of what feels right for you. We’ve broken it down further here:

- Lymph sequence movements | Weight of the stone
- Movements that address fascia | use light to medium pressure
- Movements that address muscle | use deep pressure

Allow yourself to connect within and take note of what feels right for you - every step can be modified and adjusted to you.

Visual Guide
Jump to 2:33 of the lymphatic sequence video for Cecily’s explanation of maintaining contact between the stone and your skin throughout your practice.  

Use the illustrations above as guides to visualize the layers of your skin as you practice. The lymphatic sequence addresses the epidermis, while the more targeted facial Gua Sha protocols that address concerns like fine lines and wrinkles target the dermis where collagen and elastin live.  

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