We are currently looking for someone to join our dynamic team as a Marketing Manager (4 month contract). Our Marketing Director will be going on Maternity leave in mid-December, and we are looking for someone to fill her shoes for 4+ months. There is the possibility of the position being extended beyond our Marketing Director’s maternity leave.

The responsibilities below will be the Managers’ responsibility to manage, but will be executed with guidance from our current Marketing Director and assistance from the Apoterra team. The first 3 weeks of the contract will be an onboarding period.

Duties and Responsibilities

Manage our Marketing Effort

 1. Strategy

    • Oversee strategy, budget and ROI / KPI goals for all marketing channels
    • Deliver Monthly KPI report with learnings to guide strategy
    • Track all budgets & ROI for marketing initiatives

2. Instagram

    • Oversee Instagram strategy
    • Plan content needs
    • Work with influencers & freelancers to generate content, take photos, write copy & design graphics as needed
    • Plan Instagram grid monthly / weekly
    • Publish Instagram posts, stories and reels + apply hashtags
    • Engage with followers & community daily

3. Facebook:

    • Manage Facebook advertising (strategy, asset/copy creation, scheduling + reporting)
    • Ensure brand Facebook page is up-to-date with current brand aesthetic & messaging

4. Email Marketing:

    • Oversee email marketing strategy
    • Plan, write copy, design & schedule all campaign & flow emails
    • Review, assess + track all email outcomes

5. PPC & SEO:

    • Set goals and work with agencies/freelancers to ensure they are met

6. Print:

    • Oversee strategy and creation of print assets

Team Support (such as wholesale support)

1. Assist with asset design as needed (ie. emails, support materials)

2. Assist with ads as needed (ie. design, setup, strategy guidance)

Manage our Website

1. Website:

    • Oversee all updates & functionality for apoterra.com
    • Research + identify areas of improvement to lift website conversion rate
    • Source + manage website developers to implement updates
    • Write copy, take/format images when needed
    • Build campaign landing pages

2. Pop-Up’s & Marketing Placements

    • Build out strategy, create & monitor all pop-ups and marketing placements on the website (ie. pop-ups, embedded email sign-ups, blog banners)

3. Reporting

    • Use Shopify & Google analytics to monitor website performance and trends weekly / monthly / quarterly


1. Outline promotion strategy for Apoterra Skincare

2. Execute setup, implementation & marketing of all promotions

3. Deliver reporting on promotions at promo end



1. Guide branding for the whole of Apoterra Skincare & ensure branding is consistent across all brand touch points

2. Maintain core brand look + deliver style guides for working with freelancers and 3rd parties


Performance Indicators

● Achieve an increase in the retail website conversion rate (compared to previous year)
● Achieve an increase in total # sales per month on the retail website (compared to previous 6 months)
● Increase AOV by 10%
● Produces sustained growth in followers, reach and engagement on Instagram
● Creates profitable email campaigns
● Grows email subscriber list


Job Type: Contract (Dec 1st through March 31st 2021)

Compensation: $4900 per month (approximately 32 hours per week)

Location: Remote.

Note: Our production facility is based in Waterbury, CT.

Please send your resume to dominique@apoterra.com. Please put “Marketing Manager job application” as the subject of your email. Thank you!