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Operations Manager Position - Waterbury, CT

We are currently looking for an operations manager for our new production facility in Waterbury, CT.  Operations manager's goal is to create, maintain and elevate excellent production standards. This involves managing and creating an excellent finished goods and raw material inventory and ensuring that ingredient and finished goods quality meets our strict standards. The operations manager should also manage, grow, and train the production team to maintain high cleanliness and production standards as well as foster a team culture that encourages honesty, curiosity and sustainability.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage raw material + finished goods inventory
  • Schedule and oversee production (natural skincare products)
  • Manage production team (includes scheduling and team building.  Making sure the team follows strict production protocols)
  • Help with production when needed
  • Oversee purchasing of raw materials + quality control
  • Oversee shipping and tracking of finished goods
  • Light bookkeeping and data organization
  • Communicate with CEO on a daily basis and create monthly reports.

Performance Indicators

Within the first 6 months of employment, you should be able to:

  • Create an easy to use inventory system
  • Maintain a production facility that could pass safe manufacturing, FDA and organic certification.
  • Create a high performing, organized production team through team building and clear, easy to follow systems
  • Create a team that is knowledgeable about ingredients and their use in skincare
  • Create a team culture that fosters improvements
  • Increase production capacity by 2x within 6 months
  • Decrease raw material waste to 5% within 6 months
  • Improve production accuracy to 99% within 6 months

This job might be for you if you:

  • Are able to manage a team and build a positive, supportive work culture
  • Are able to accept constructive criticism
  • Are able to adapt to change quickly
  • Are detail oriented and very organized
  • Are able to create and implement systems that improve performance and reduce errors.
  • Have the ability to adapt your managing style based on employee personality
  • Love to learn and can self teach
  • Are able to do basic math and conversions (pop quiz! If 28g = 30 ml of product A, how many grams are in 4 fl oz of product A)
  • Are a problem solver and self starter
  • Have experience managing a team/people
  • Have great communication skills
  • Can maintain a clean and organized environment
  • Love natural skincare, aromatherapy, herbalism and/or healthy living.

You should value:

  • Honesty
  • Curiosity
  • Appreciation for sustainability movement
  • Learning
  • Helping others

It would be great if you:

  • Have experience managing large scale skincare or food production
  • Have a background in chemistry
  • Have experience working in quality control
  • Have food prep experience
  • Have inventory management experience
  • Have knowledge of cold process soap making or skincare formulating
  • Are familiar with Asana
  • Are familiar with Shopify
  • Have used quickbooks online
  • Have a passion for sustainability/eco-friendliness
  • Have a passion for healthy living
  • Have a passion for natural skincare


Job Type: Full-Time.

Please send resume with a cover letter as to why you think you are the right fit for this job and the answer to our the pop quiz (included above under “this job might be for you if you:”) to dominique@apoterraskincare.com.  Put “OM job application” as the subject of your email.  Good luck!