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Hormonal Acne: Why it Happens & How to Support Healing Through a Holistic Approach

Holistic Hormonal Wellness Coach, Lizzy Moran, & Dr. Grace Chang, ND, LAc sit down with Apoterra to answer all of your questions on hormonal acne. This webinar was recorded in June 2021.


- 2:53 - The three main internal influences of hormonal acne
- 6:25 - Four main indicators to look for in differentiating hormonal acne from non-hormonally-caused breakouts
- 7:46 - The physiological breakdown of hormones & how they get out of balance to cause acne in the first place
- 12:25 - The tests you can ask for when working with a Dr. to snuff out hormonal imbalances
- 15:34 - The three buckets of diet & nutrition to consider when suspecting food-related causes
- 25:53 - Dr.Grace’s favorite supplements for acne-prone skin + her tips on how to safely build a supplement regimen
- 31:15 - What are endocrine disruptors + how to avoid them in your cosmetics & skincare
- 35:10 - How to develop a skincare routine & what ingredients to look for that will support skin experiencing hormonal acne
- 40:55 - Tools to make you resilient against stress’s impacts (spoiler: laughter isn’t only infectious)
- 48:08 - Creating a treatment plan & setting yourself up for success
- 50:39 - Lizzy & Dr.Grace field questions on Spirolactone, ceramics, and rosacea from the Apoterra audience

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