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Is it worth the buzz?

With Holistic Esthetician
Hayley Wood (Therapeutic Skin Coach) hosted by Apoterra Skincare


Navigating industry buzz terms to help you make the most educated product investment for you & your clientele!


What will I learn?

  • How to navigate skincare product claims & feel more confident in the decision making process
  • How to help your clients feel more confident in understanding product promises & navigating the "natural" skincare world.
  • Takeaway 5 key questions to pose yourself during the skincare brand & product vetting process.
  • After the 30 minute webinar, stay on for a 10-minute Q+A with Hayley.

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About Hayley Wood, Therapeutic Skin Coach

Hayley Wood first received her license in Esthiology in 2006 from the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After experiencing a few setbacks with her own personal health & wellness journey, Hayley channeled her wealth of knowledge, professional training & treatment room experience to form Therapeutic Skin Coach (TSC). Being an educator for skin acceptance and skin health education is Hayley's true calling; TSC has evolved from offering 1:1 facials to sharing her building blocks of beauty with people all over the world by offering  virtual consultations, online courses + ebooks - making the work accessible and inclusive to all. Her practice creates an environment that is not wasteful or harmful to the earth or her clients by by using 100% non-toxic products. Hayley is ASCP certified, EiMDC certified, Nefeli Gua Sha Certified, Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certified, Facial Sculpting and intra-oral massage certified as well as Osteopathic Facial Massage certified.  

About Apoterra Skincare

Natural is no longer niche — but at Apoterra it’s been in our brand bloodline from the day we launched in 2012. We believe that nature is powerful and wise — that science is a tool to better understand nature, but does not dictate it. We can only improve ourselves and our future by improving the world around us. We do this by taking care of self first, working to elevate those around us, giving, and having a passion for environmentalism, animal rights and human rights. Our contribution to this idea of holistic elevation is a line of products that is sustainable and ethical, from beginning to end. Our mission is to help people discover healthy, radiant skin naturally through plant-powered skin care products and by giving them the insight and understanding of how to live holistically. We strive to deliver the highest quality, handcrafted skincare that is not only effective, but also eco-friendly, healthy, and that enhances their daily rituals through scent, color and texture.