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The Apoterra x Cecily Braden Facial Gua Sha Tool is a hand-carved Mookaite Jasper facial gua sha tool designed by Cecily Braden for at-home use & skincare professionals alike. With this tool, gift yourself a facial gua sha massage which works to naturally address signs of dull skin, puffiness, congestion, dark under circles, fine lines and overall skin health. Facial gua sha stems from the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice known as gua sha (pronounced gua-sa) to address and heal various ailments of the body. Although gua sha is the more well-known name for the technique, it also has deep histories throughout South East Asia (it is known as Cao Yio in Vietnam, Kerokan in Indonesia, Khoud Lam in Laos, Ga Sal in Cambodia). Facial gua sha involves using a tool to massage the face and to improve the flow of blood and lymph, relieve stagnation, and create space for nutrient delivery and waste removal.

To get the most out of your facial gua sha ritual, proper technique is key. This is why with the purchase of an Apoterra x CJB Facial Gua Sha Tool, you'll gain access to an educational video library that includes a lymphatic sequence and targeted facial gua sha techniques, plus helpful resources to get you started on your facial gua sha journey. 

Good To Know

Because of the wide range of colors of Mookaite Jasper, the tool you receive may not look like any of the tools pictured on this listing. Due to Mookaite Jasper’s natural variations, every Apoterra x CJB Facial Gua Sha Tool is unique in pattern and color. Yours may be a solid color, gradient, or marbled esthetic. Each is an expression of its own individual beauty just like you. 

*For every tool purchased, a tree gets planted by Trees for the Future.

Mookaite Jasper Facial Gua Sha Tool // This facial tool’s design is based on the original gua sha stones used by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to perform gua sha on the body. Designed by Cecily Braden with facial gua sha massage technique in mind, this facial tool allows you the ability to target extremely specific skincare concerns that most at-home tools do not. Cultivated and hand-carved from mines in Western Australia and Mexico, Mookaite Jasper was chosen for its ability to help celebrate self-acceptance and shift your perspective about the aging process. Remnants of the stone are re-purposed for fish tanks or plant beds to minimize waste. Each tool is completely unique. Because of the stone’s natural color and pattern variation, the tool(s) you receive may be a solid color, gradient, or marbled esthetic.

Access to our Facial Gua Sha Educational Library // With the purchase of each tool, you will gain access to an online educational library with video tutorials led by Cecily Braden. We provide you with a wealth of resources to begin your facial gua sha journey, including essential information about the practice of facial gua sha, the Apoterra x Cecily Braden Lymphatic sequence, the Apoterra x Cecily Braden Protocol and other targeted facial gua sha techniques to address specific concerns.

Protective Travel Pouch for facial Gua Sha Tool // Each tool lives in a protective black felt pouch made from recycled plastic. With a simple snap, this pouch safely stores your tool so you can have it on hand wherever you are!

Apoterra Facial Gua Sha Tool Booklet // *Please note, this tool no longer comes with a printed booklet, all materials have been translated digitally to the Facial Gua Sha Educational Library.
Create Glide

Dress in comfortable clothing, perhaps your favorite silk set or robe, ensuring your neck and decollete are exposed. Secure any loose hair away from your face. Then you are ready to begin prepping your skin to create glide. This is essential to prevent tugging. It’s ideal to begin with clean skin. If time allows, start by cleansing with your favorite Apoterra cleanser. Follow by liberally misting your face and neck with toner of choice . Take a moment to breathe in it’s aromatic notes. With your skin still damp, scoop a pea-sized amount of the Night balm or a facial oil of choice. Work the balm/oil into your skin until it feels protected by a luscious layer of nutrient-rich oils. You’ll know you’ve applied enough balm/oil once your fingers can easily glide across your skin without tugging.

Gift yourself a Facial Massage

Once your skin is prepped, gift your skin a gua sha facial massage. Always starting with the neck, gently massage your skin using the facial gua sha tool following Apoterra x Cecily Braden Lymphatic Sequence instructions. If you are ready, follow with any of the targeted facial gua sha protocol techniques or safely explore the many curves and angles of this patented tool with guidance provided by Cecily Braden in our online educational library.

Short on Time?

The lymphatic sequence takes about 3 minutes and can fit into the busiest of schedules. Carry your facial gua sha tool with you in its protective pouch and a travel size mist and balm or oil. You can practice the lymphatic sequence at the office, in the car or even on a flight! Aim to do the full lymphatic sequence 1x per day although just doing the neck portion (about 1 minute) is enough to see benefits. Once the lymphatic sequence has been completed, fit in targeted facial gua sha moves whenever you can throughout the day.

How to clean your tool

After each use, clean your tool either with your Apoterra soap and water or a cleansing mist.

Pro Tip: We recommend incorporating this ritual into your morning skincare routine, but you can practice this ritual at any time of day. Begin your journey by practicing the lymphatic sequence on a daily basis to improve the delivery of nutrients and the removal of waste. Once you have completed the lymphatic sequence and are ready to incorporate more targeted techniques, refer to the Apoterra x Cecily Braden Facial Gua Sha protocol or other targeted facial gua sha techniques in addition to the lymphatic sequence, although they do not need to be practiced immediately one after the other. It is important to practice the lymphatic sequence first and often for optimal benefits. (Both technique and more can be found in our Facial Gua Sha Educational Library)
The Tool // The Apoterra x Cecily Braden Facial Gua Sha Tool is a collaboration between Cecily Braden, founder of CJB Beauty Secrets and Dominique Caron, Apoterra founder, certified aromatherapist and herbalist. Together, they aimed to offer a facial gua sha tool that is accompanied by educational resources that they hope will give you the proper foundation you need to begin your facial gua sha journey. This tool combined with facial gua sha techniques is suitable for professional treatments and at-home rituals and to address various skin concerns holistically and naturally. The future of skin care is not altering the skin by using fillers and overly potent ingredients, which cause stagnation and damage. Instead it is a focus on improving skin health and healthy aging which improves skin radiance and appearance. The tool, combined with Cecily's teachings (which include techniques she learned from prominent teachers including Dr. Ping Zhang) and Apoterra's holistic skincare formulations, provides you with what you need to build your personal facial gua sha ritual and achieve optimal results.

Why facial Gua Sha? // Looking for an alternative to fillers or injectables? Enter into the practice of facial gua sha. While synthetic injectables freeze facial muscles, facial gua sha encourages just the opposite; life and movement. A consistent practice overtime can result in an overall more lifted and toned appearance. Additional benefits include cleared congestion, a glowing complexion, and increased lymph and blood flow leading to improved skin health.

Our teachers // We give honorable credit to the various established teachings that have allowed this collaboration to come to fruition. Cecily Braden’s Gua Sha Facial Fusion method is possible thanks to her working under Dr. Ping Zhang (who introduced facial gua sha to the United States), her decades of experience practicing Connective Tissue Massage (CTM), her experience learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) techniques from various teachers across East Asia and South East Asia, and her studies of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) techniques established by Dr. Vodder. Additionally Dominique Caron’s aromatherapy studies taught by Andrea Butje, as well as her western herbalism training which began with Ursula Basch, along with the help of many other teachers throughout the years are also gratefully acknowledged.
Our Mookaite Jasper is sourced from mines in Western Australia and Mexico that repurpose all remnants to minimize waste.

For every tool purchased, a tree gets planted by Trees for the Future.

The protective felt pouch is made from recycled plastic
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Reviewed by Tiffany C.
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Exactly what I needed

I use this tool to help relieve tension in my face (from sinus pressure and headaches). It's designed so well (and it's beautiful!); it's just what I was looking for!!

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Apoterra Skincare

Hello Tiffany!

So glad you're getting to experience such profound benefits from the tool. If there's anything you'd like to see added to the educational library send us an email to info@apoterra.com!

Reviewed by Elizabeth M.
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Incredible start to my day

I have only been using it for a week, and It's become almost a meditative practice for me to start my day with self-care. This is SO needed before all the craziness of being at home during COVID-19 with 2 small children comes into play. Such a gift!

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Apoterra Skincare

Hi Elizabeth!

It really feels like this tool came out at the right time. We're glad it's supporting your self-care practice and hope it continues to beyond the quarantine days.

Would love to hear how it would go with your kiddos trying out the tool! :P