Vetiver Illuminating Oil Cleanser - TRAVEL SIZE

Dry Skin

Vetiver Illuminating Oil Cleanser - TRAVEL SIZE

Dry Skin
Dry Skin

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Easy returns | SHIPS IN 1 BIZ DAY | FREE SHIPPING $75+

Have you experienced the skin-changing magic of oil cleansing? Massage this oil into your skin and add water to magically turn it into a rich, hydrating milk that will effortlessly remove makeup and debris without stripping your skin. An absolute necessity for those experiencing blackheads, breakouts or dry skin, cleansing with this oil daily will leave your skin feeling bright, clean and hydrated. Formulated with black cumin seed and tamanu oils for their antibacterial and brightening properties, and a blend of vetiver, lime, grapefruit and cedar essential oils for a grounding yet uplifting aroma to bookend your day.


Black Cumin Seed Oil // A black oil that is cold-pressed from black cumin seeds, this oil is a multi-tasking beauty powerhouse! It has antibacterial properties that aid in unclogging pores and breakouts. It is also rich in antioxidants, which is evident by its dark color, and is an excellent emollient - making it a great oil for addressing fine lines and dry skin. Finally, when used daily, it is believed to help fade dark spots and help illuminate the complexion. Our black seed oil is virgin and certified organic.

Meadowfoam Oil // This oil is a wonderful emollient, which helps improve skin hydration. A 2018 study showed that meadowfoam seed oil contains two compounds that help protect the skin from UVB, helping prevent sun damage and preventing collagen breakdown.

Tamanu Oil // Pressed from the nut of the Ati tree, this dark green oil has skin-healing, antibacterial and regenerative properties. It is rich in antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it one of the best oils for acne-prone skin. Our tamanu oil is virgin, cold-pressed and certified organic.

Vetiver Essential Oil // If we could describe this oil in one word it would be “tranquil.” Steam-distilled in a slow, intricate process from the roots of grassy plants in the rainforests of India. This smoky and grounding oil calms both the skin and mind. Our essential oil is steam distilled from organically grown vetiver.

Polyglycerol-4 Oleate // The “magic” ingredient that turns this oil cleanser into a hydrating milk! This is a plant-based, Ecocert approved emulsifier that is safe and gentle. Our polyglycerol is made from glycerine and coconut oil, is cruelty-free, vegan and GMO-free.

Ingredients: Helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil*, Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, Limnanthes Alba (meadowfoam) seed oil*, polyglycerol-4 oleate, Calophyllum inophyllum (tamanu) oil*, Nigella sativa (black cumin seed) oil*, Sambucus nigra (elderberry) extract, tocopherols (non-GMO vitamin E), essential oils of Vetiveria zizanoides (vetiver), Citrus paradisi (grapefruit)*, Citrus aurantifolia (lime) and Juniperus virginiana (cedar) *certified organic
To cleanse and remove makeup, massage oil into dry skin. Breathe in the deep yet uplifting aroma of vetiver, lime, grapefruit and cedar. Add warm water and massage into a delicate cleansing milk. Rinse clean or remove with a damp face cloth. Follow with mist and oil.
Travel Size is 1 fl oz/29.57 ml


Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Certified


1 tree will be planted when you purchase this cleansing oil

Use by date: For best results, use within 1 year of the date of production (see batch #) or within 6 months of opening your product, whichever comes first. Note that if your product is older than the above, it may still be good but we cannot vow for its effectiveness.
Batch # 427


Date of Production // 08.30.2021

Sunflower oil // Helianthus annuus // QAI certified organic // origin: France

Castor oil // Ricinus communis // QAI certified organic // origin: India

Meadowfoam seed oil // Limnanthes alba // origin: USA

Polyglycerol-4 oleate // ISO certified // origin: USA

Tamanu oil // Calophyllum inophyllum // QAI certified organic // origin: Vietnam

Black cumin seed oil // Nigella sativa // USDA certified organic // origin: Israel

Jojoba oil // Simmondsia chinensis // QAI certified organic // cold-pressed, golden // origin: Israel

Elderberry fruit extract // Sambucus nigra

Vitamin E // Tocopherols

Vetiver essential oil // Vetiveria zizanoides // origin: India

Grapefruit essential oil // Citrus paradisi // USDA certified organic // origin: Mexico

Lime essential oil // Citrus aurantifolia // origin: Italy

Cedar essential oil // Juniperus virginiana // origin: USA
Glass Bottle: Rinse your glass bottle and either recycle with your local curbside recycling stream (if they accept small glass bottles) or recycle with our PACT recycling program.

Pump: Unfortunately, because of the use of multiple different kinds of materials, the pump that came with your product is not accepted by your local curbside recycling stream. Please recycle with our PACT recycling program.


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