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Of all the solstices and equinoxes, winter solstice has always held a special place in my heart.  Something about this time of year always feels so special to me.  Winter solstice is the day that marks the beginning of festivities, renewal, and slowing down.   All year long we work hard, we try to improve ourselves and our lives, we try to enjoy the little moments, but by the time winter solstice rolls around, we might find ourselves feeling stressed, anxious and looking back at some successes but also some failures.  The stress of the holiday season has set in, but also the cheer.  I often feel ungrounded and pulled in many directions, which is why I like to take this day, winter solstice, to slow down, ground myself, and reflect on what has gone and what is to come.


Winter solstice in the darkest day of the year.  For me this represents hope as I always find myself surprised by this.  "Oh, this is as dark as it gets?  That's not so bad!" Every day ahead will be brighter.  I will be travelling soon, and nourishing my soul with time spent with family and friends.  I will be taking much needed time off work, and enjoying some good food and drinks.  So to get myself ready for the festivities, and to thank myself for the hard work I've accomplished this year, I like to take this day to ground myself, calm my mind and anxieties, and appreciate what I have.  


Being an introvert and city dweller, I like to create a beautiful space in my home by thouroughly cleaning and then decorating with greenery and christmas cheer.  I think if I lived in the country, I would probably spend this day outdoors, walking through the woods but instead I bring the outdoors to me.   I love decorating my home with herbal wreaths, and of course a fir tree. Oh how I love the smell of a christmas tree!  I will dress myself in comfy clothing that makes me feel good and pretty, and I will make and wrap gifts for the ones I love.  I will use natural tools to help ground and rejuvenate myself.  This includes nourishing food, an aromatherapy roll on, and natural skincare products that make me feel like a goddess.  My favorite roll on for this day smells divine, and really calms my nerves and makes me feel grounded and confident.  I am sharing my recipe with you below, so you can also enjoy what this lovely blend has to offer!


grounding aromatherapy roll on for anxiety and stress


In the evening, I will make a nourishing dinner involving broth and root vegetables, and have a night cap of a special self care ritual.  I start with a winter inspired steam of cedar leaf, juniper berries, cinnamon bark, and white sage leaf.  If you are lucky to have some of herbs like these growing near you, you can go outside and harvest what you need for the steam.  If you live in the NE and have the abillity to harvest, you can replace the cinnamon and sage with some fir, white pine needles, or rosemary.

winter herbal steam as part of a winter solstice ritual

 white clay mask


I like to follow the steam with a white clay mask I mix with hydrosols (currently loving our Tulsi + White Rose hydrosol blend), and then jump in a hot bath to which I add dead sea salt, epsom salt and a few drops of fir and sandalwood essential oil.  I finish my self care ritual with my favorite tulsi body oil and my grounding roll on on my wrists and neck.    

By the end of the day, I always feel rejuvenated and ready to really enjoy the next few days ahead.  I also will feel grateful and appreciative of this life and this earth. 


Grounding/Anxiety diffusing roll on recipe


you will need:

1 glass roll on vial (If you don't have rolls one, you can also use a glass bottle with a dropper).

10ml Carrier oil of choice.  My favorite for this is colorless jojoba oil.

2 drops of sandalwood essential oil

2 drops of neroli essential oil

3 drops of cedarwood essential oil

2 drops of sweet orange essential oil

1 drop of cinnamon leaf essential oil

(not sure where to buy essential oils?  My favorite supplier is Aromatics International They sustainably source beautiful organic and wildcrafted oils from all over the world)


Combine essential oils and carrier oil in glass vial.  Cap and shake for at least one minute to homogenize the oil blend.  To use, roll on the inside of your wrists and on the side of you neck.  Breathe the aroma in deeply, exhale.  

 You can also use this blend in a room mist!  Just blend the essential oils listed above with your favorite hydrosol or water in a glass bottle with a mist top.  Make sure to shake before misting.  The recipe above will work for 1 fluid ounce of liquid so you can just add more essential oils depending on how big your bottle is. 

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Happy Solstice to you! Thank you so much for sharing your traditions for this day. I love your comment about the darkness of the day bringing a sense of hope and anticipation of brighter days to come. Also, thanks for the lovely aromatherapy recipe- can’t wait to try it! Cheers!!

Kim December 21, 2016

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