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Spring time is usually a relief for many, with longer days, warmth, and flowers finally blooming!  But for others, it can be a time of skin woes like clogged pores, break outs, and inflamed skin that looks red and dull.   If that sound sounds like you, read on! 


Why you should switch up your skincare ritual this spring | Apoterra Skincare

We believe in a holistic approach to skincare. A holistic approach means looking beyond the symptoms to the cause, considering our whole body, but also considering environmental factors. Part of that means tuning into the seasons. Spring is a time of renewal, but also a time of warming temperatures and lots of rain!  Ever notice how you tend to have dry skin in the winter, but maybe break out more easily in the spring or summer? By the time spring peeks its lovely head around the corner, your skin has gotten used to dry winter air, which means it will be producing extra sebum meant to protect your skin during those colder months. In springtime when the air becomes more humid, your skin doesn't need that extra sebum, so you might find that your pores will get congested or you might break out. Depending on how well you managed your skin over the past few months, your skin might also be recovering from dehydration and have some barrier function damage. If your skin is looking red, feels sensitive, or is dry and flaky - it needs repair.

So what to do? Our spring motto is hydrate, balance, refresh + repair.

Hydrate your skin to ensure proper skin barrier function which will then lead to a brighter, healthier complexion.


Balance your skin by using oils that keep skin moisturized but also help balance sebum production. Look for facial oils and serums that promote a healthy skin microbiome and that contain ingredients like sea buckthorn and green tea which have been shown to help regulate sebum production.


Refresh by gently exfoliating and using detoxifying pore clearing masks. 


Repair by using products that will help repair and regenerate your skin.

So how does that translate to to skincare ritual? Here is our favorite spring time ritual:

1. Gentle cleanser. ALWAYS. No matter the season. We love using our toning mists in the morning, and natural soaps in the evening. If your main worry is clogged pores, try our Neroli Clarifying Toner. If it's dehydration, try our Rose Hydrating Toner

2. Hydrate with antioxidant-rich and  alcohol-free toners. We recommend using a toning mist to hydrate as they are easy to use and help deliver water and nutrients deep within the skin to promote proper hydration.

3. Choose your moisturizer wisely. Not all moisturizers are created equally, and there is a difference between oils, serums, creams and lotions.  Here's why we prefer facial oils and oil serums - they don't contain wax or emulsifiers that can be comedogenic for some skins. Look for oils that are formulated with your skin's microbiome health in mind - they shouldn't contain harsh antibacterials or drying agents. As a bonus, look for sea buckthorn and green tea as they have been shown in studies to help balance sebum production. Find all of the above in our Night Clarifying Treatment. Our Herbal Balancing Serum is also a good choice. For barrier repair, use oils high is punicic acid and GLA like our Rose Nourishing Serum. We like using the Rose serum as our day oil, and the Night Treatment as our night oil.

4. Exfoliate . If you have been reading our acne series (part 1 - what is acne, part 2 - hormonal acne) you will probably already know that exfoliating is really important for keeping pores clear and ultimately avoiding break outs and clogged pores. We love using fruits and sugar for this because of the naturally occurring acids that gently break away dead skin cells without aggravating the skin. Try our Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud (made with antioxidant rich fruit and glycolic acid rich sugar extract) 2-3x per week as a mask.

5. Clear out pores/detox.  Our favorite way to do this is to combine a steam and a clay mask 1-2x per week. This combo will help keep pores clear, but will also really help with congestion and black heads, leaving skin looking clearer, brighter, and minimizing the appearance of pores. Try our activated charcoal mask and herbal steam.

6. Body care (not to be forgotten!)
For your body, if you haven't been using a scrub and have dry skin (you know, that not-so-attractive ashy look), using a moisturizing body scrub every other day will solve that!  A lot of scrubs on the market don't exfoliate well or don't really moisturize. We found that the combo of sea salt, shea butter, oleic-rich sunflower oil and coconut oil is the perfect combination for exfoliating and moisturizing. Leaves legs and arms looking vibrant and with a healthy glow that lasts. Feel confident in shorts or a skirt when the weather warms! Try our Tulsi body scrub made with pink sea salt and coconut oil. 

Nor sure if a product is a good fit? You can always email us at info@apoterraskincare.com or message us on instagram or facebook. We'd be happy to discuss your skin and help you craft the perfect skincare ritual. 


Apoterra Skincare Spring Ritual

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