Environmentalism Is Not A Dirty Word: Why We Value Being An Eco-Friendly Skincare Company

When Dominique founded Apoterra (formerly Caru) in 2012, she had a few goals in mind. One was to create a holistic, natural and non-toxic skin care line that worked to clear and maintain her sensitive, combination and acne-prone skin.  But just as importantly, it was also vital to her that the line be sustainable and ethical --- from ingredient sourcing to the package design. Why?  Because she believes our children and future generations deserve fresh water, clean air, and basic rights.  She believes that integrating environmentalism and social justice into the choices we make everyday has a huge impact on fulfilling that promise. Because our planet is our only home, and we believe environmentalism is a fight for human rights as well as animal rights.    


Apoterra skincare eco friendly skincare - photo by Cosmic Time Traveller

This year, we have decided to take our devotion to being an eco-conscious company a step beyond our business practices by donating a portion of proceeds to non-profits that help protect our home and the rights of its inhabitants. We've donated to Standing Rock Sioux tribe to help support their fight for water rights, donated to Earth Justice to support their efforts to integrate environmentalism into the law, and we've donated products to many other small non-profits whose values align with ours. 

This spring we will continue supporting Earth Justice by donating 10% of spring kit proceeds because defending environmental protection laws is vital at this moment in history. Earth Justice believes that no one can pollute our air and water nor kill wildlife and their habitats solely for profit or personal gain without answering to the law. Since 1976, they have provided free legal services to thousands of non-profits and have helped protect our wildlife, our wild lands, the ocean and the arctic. If you would like to learn more about their accomplishments watch this video. Also, you can donate to them directly here.



Learn more about our commitment to being an eco-friendly skincare company on our about page. Have a non-profit you would like to see us donate to?  Email us at info@apoterraskincare.com or message us on instagram or facebook.

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