Why My Masking Ritual Is So Important To Me

My weekly masking ritual to me is not just about taking care of my skin, but it is about taking care of myself. Having an 8 month old and running a business can make taking care of myself a little difficult.  Even before my daughter was born, I still found it hard to take the time to treat myself and decompress properly. 

My morning and night skincare ritual has become my grounding moment during the day, the few minutes when I can really focus on self-care.   This is why I love using products that smell amazing, feel great, and get me excited about my ritual.  They help me decompress mentally, and make me feel special and spoiled (if just for a moment!). 


If you are familiar with my line, you will know that my daily ritual involves cleansing + toning + moisturizer (either oil or balm).  And then a few times a week, a mask.  Oh, I LOVE masking time.  I try to do them while taking a bath, which feels like a real treat.  But if I can’t manage that, I will either mask while in the shower, or after the baby is asleep with a good book/magazine and a delicious drink of some sort. 

Masking is all about treating and nourishing yourself.  Every week, several times a week.


I choose my mask based on what my skin feels like it needs that day.  If my skin is feeling “heavy”, like I want to really scrub it clean, I will choose an exfoliating mask.  That is usually a sign to me that’s it’s the perfect time for my Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud.  Can I just say how much I love my Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud?  OMG, I am not one to usually boast (I am pretty bad at the whole marketing thing actually), but this masks leaves my skin feeling so light, soft and refreshed.  It also smells and tastes amazing. 

Yes, I said taste, which is not something I am advocating you to do.  But you know how sometimes you accidentally lick the mask you have on because it is close to your lips?  I hate it when that happens and the mask tastes like chemicals and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  The mud mask leaves a fruity sweet taste, which makes the whole experience feel even more like a treat. 

 Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud mask and scrub in one


If I feel like my skin is rebelling and that I might be seeing a break out soon (usually at that time of the month), I whip out the Activated Purifying Mask.  I will mix it either with our Neroli Clarifying Toner or with honey.  I love using honey in a mask because it makes the mask gentle for my dry skin, and does a really good job of killing those nasty acne-causing bacteria.  

You could also try mixing the mask with green tea or a chamomile/rose petal tea if you have a little extra time on your hands.  The bonus of making tea for the mask, is that you have a delicious drink to sip on while masking.  I usually mix my mask with a tea when I am masking in the late night with a book + tea scenario.   This mask is great at clearing out the pores, gently exfoliating, and nourishing the skin with minerals and antioxidants.


Apoterra Activated Charcoal Purifying Clay Mask mixed with rose and chamomile tea


If my skin if feeling pretty happy but a little dull or sensitive, I will use the White Clay Brightening Mask.  The licorice and lemon in this mask help even out a complexion while oats and yogurt gently exfoliate to promote cell renewal and a more youthful glow.  If I am looking a little red or irritated (usually because of the sun or because I’ve been a bad girl and not eating all that well), I will add a half teaspoon of turmeric to this mask.  I mix it with honey or our Rose Hydrating Toner and leave it one for 15 minutes.  My skin always thanks me! 


Apoterra White Clay Brightening Mask with Rose Hydrating Toner and Honey


I will do a mask 2-3 times per week, sometimes more because I can’t help myself.  When I do,  I take a moment to make my surroundings peaceful and pleasant.  For me that usually means tidying up, but you could also set up a candle, dim the lights, put on some music, etc.  


Once I prepare the mask and apply it,  I take the time to be in the moment, take a deep breath, and thank myself for taking a moment to spoil myself.  I take the next 10-20 minutes to relax and enjoy myself, either by immersing myself in a good book, resting my eyes in a coconut milk bath, or breathing in the aroma of my Tulsi body scrub in the shower. 


When it’s time to remove the mask, I rinse it off with warm water, then follow with another cleanse using a cotton pad and one of my toners.  I finish with either my Night Regenerative Balm or Night Clarifying Treatment.  Every time I do this, I go to bed feeling a little more refreshed and a little prettier, which makes the next day just a little easier! 


written by Dominique Caron



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