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Spring Skin Cleanse: Hydrate, Balance, Refresh & Repair

Spring is a time of beautiful renewal and you can see signs of its beauty everywhere. From lush green foliage starting to emerge to the first buds on trees promising vibrant spring flowers and juicy fruits.

While this season can help to boost your mood thanks to warmer temperatures and the promise of sunnier, longer days soon to come, it can also be a bit of a frustrating time where your skin is concerned.

Your skin naturally produces more sebum during the chillier months to help protect it against the harsh drying effects of winter. However, with the transition into spring, while your skin is still adjusting, this extra sebum along with the warmer temperatures can actually cause congestion in your pores and lead to breakouts.

After being subjected to dry winter air for many months, your skin may be recovering from dehydration and it may also have endured some barrier function damage too. If your skin is dry, flaky, sensitive, inflamed and possibly breaking out then you need to repair your skin with gentle, antioxidant rich ingredients.

Our spring philosophy here at Apoterra is hydrate, balance, refresh + repair.


repair and rejuvenate


Hydrate your skin to improve skin barrier function and enjoy a brighter and healthier complexion.

Cleansing the skin using a gentle cleanser is key to ensuring the skin stays perfectly balanced and hydrated without beneficial oils being stripped from the skin. This is something we recommend year round.

Be extra gentle in the morning and simply use a spritz of our toning mists on a cotton pad to gently wipe your face clean and prep it for your oils and serums to follow.  our Neroli Clarifying Toner is recommended for keeping the skin clear by decongesting the pores, while our Rose Hydrating Toner is what dehydrated skin craves.

At night when your skin needs a little more to remove any dirt and grime of the day, we recommend a gentle cleanse with one of our all natural soaps.

repair and rejuvenate


Long gone are the days when people believed oil causes more oil and acne breakouts, we now know that the right kind of oils can provide the skin with a heap of fantastic benefits.

The right oils can help to moisturize the skin, infuse it with skin loving antioxidants and even balance sebum production. Two of our favorite ingredients include green tea and sea buckthorn, both of which help to reduce inflammation, balance sebum and provide powerful anti-aging benefits.

Facial oil and serums are different to regular moisturizers and our preferred option for healthy, happy skin. Moisturizers are watered down and often contain wax and emulsifiers that are too heavy for the skin, no matter your skin type, and can cause congestion in the pores.

Look for oils that are formulated with your skin's microbiome health in mind, if you see an ingredient like harsh antibacterial or drying agents you want to steer well clear.

You can find the above mentioned antioxidants in our  Night Clarifying Treatment and our Herbal Balancing Serum. For barrier repair, use oils high is punicic acid and GLA like our Rose Nourishing Serum. We love using the Rose serum as our daytime oil, and the Night Treatment as our night oil to regenerate the skin cells while we get our beauty rest.


facial oil and serums



This season of renewal is the perfect time to strip away the layers of winter and treat your skin to an effective yet gentle exfoliator or detoxifying pore clearing mask.

You’ll never find harsh scrubs or synthetic beads here at Apoterra, we adore using fruits and sugar for their naturally occurring acids that gently strip away dead skin cells without irritating the skin.  Weekly exfoliation will help prevent break outs but also improve skin barrier function. Try our Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud (made with antioxidant rich fruit and glycolic acid rich sugar extract) 2-3x per week as a mask.

A mask is another excellent way to clean out the pores and keep the skin clear. Start with our herbal steam to open the pores and soften the skin before applying a generous layer of our activated charcoal mask. Not only will your skin start to clear, you’ll notice brighter, healthier looking skin with fewer blackheads and reduced pore size.



Last, but not least, always be sure to use products that are natural, free from chemicals and rich in antioxidants to repair and regenerate your skin. You can’t go wrong with our gentle products here at Apoterra.  If your skin is in need of a little extra love, try our Night Regenerative Balm which is chock full or nutrients that will help your skin return to a healthy state.

Also be sure to not forget about your body, which is in need of just as much TLC as your facial skin after a chilly winter.

Scrub your way to all over glowing skin with our coconut oil and sea salt  Tulsi body scrub. Not only will your skin feel smoother and look more radiant, it will feel deeply moisturized too and ready for spring!



body scrub with pink sea salt and coconut oil

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