Your Winter Face and Body Care Guide for Healthy and Hydrated Skin All Season Long

Winter has many wonderful things to offer, from ice-skating and skiing to cozy afternoons indoors with a book and hot chocolate. And then there’s all the holidays which means more time spent with family and friends.

Whether you’ll be mainly indoors or outdoors this frosty season, chances are you’re going to notice changes in your skin. You have the dry, cold air and harsh winds outside that really take a toll on your skin. Then, when you head indoors to escape the cold you’re confronted with indoor heating, which again, saps moisture right out of the air and ultimately out of your skin.

Fortunately, it’s not all bad news.

We have put together a handy guide, with our top tips for keeping your skin happy and hydrated all season long!


Hydrate from the inside out


If you’re a loyal reader of our blog, then you’ll know what we mean when we say hydrate from the inside out; we’ve certainly drilled it into you enough times!

While using rich, hydrating products can certainly help to boost your skin’s moisture levels, it’s just one side of the story.

If you’re not intaking enough water, you can become dehydrated which can negatively affect your body’s function, from digestion to skin barrier function. We like to say that healthy skin is radiant skin, so staying hydrated is really important when it comes to maintaining that natural glow!

We know that plain water and cold drinks may seem unappetizing when the winds are howling outside. Plus, when it’s cold outside, ancient traditions tell us that nourishing our bodies with warm foods and drinks are just what our bodies need. So instead of keeping a bottle filled with cold water nearby, try warm and comforting herbal teas or our favorite Turmeric Cocoa recipe. We also love adding more infused broths to our diet, like this ginger and turmeric infused broth, great for boosting immunity during flu season.

Hydrating fruits and veggies are always a great option too. We love our orange fruits and veggies at this time of year, from pumpkin, persimmon to yams. Baked, stewed, fried. . . go wild!

If you still want to drink cold water, try drinking it at room temperature and infusing it with a cinnamon stick - yum!


Exfoliate a few times a week


Not only is exfoliation key to a glowing skin, it’s your ticket to a flake-free, hydrated skin too!

Exfoliation helps to remove that top layer of dead skin, promoting an instant, healthier looking skin and allowing for better absorption of your body products to follow. Apart from that, exfoliation helps to boost collagen for a more youthful skin, improves detoxification and lymph drainage and leaves your skin dewy and never itchy!

For the body, our Tulsi Scrub is all you will need this winter. It is pure skin luxury that will keep your legs and arms looking healthy all winter long. Not only does it have a beautiful and intoxicating aroma that will instantly transform your mood (lavender + tulsi essential oils = adaptogenic aromatherapy blend that will never fail you), it is lovingly formulated with ingredients your skin is going to fall in love with. Pink sea salt, the purest salt around, not only sloughs off dead skin, it infuses your skin with essential minerals at the same time (unlike sugar with does not contain essential minerals). Coconut oil, sunflower oil and shea butter are rich in oleic acid and provide unrivaled, decadent hydration that lasts after you get out of the shower (yep, you won’t even need to follow with a body oil).

It is best to use a body scrub in a shower or during a bath. Take a dime size amount and gently massage your skin, moving in a circular motion towards the heart. Repeat as needed. Once you are done, rinse and get out of the shower so as to avoid rinsing off all of that beneficial oil on your skin.

For the face, try our Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud. Looks (and tastes - although we don’t recommend you eat it!) like berry jam, this mask, scrub and cleanser in one gently exfoliates the skin with naturally occurring fruit acids and enzymes. Made of a base of honey, this mask is infused with high quality organic whole plants like hibiscus, acai and pumpkin to name a few. Insider tip: It works well as a lip scrub too!


Turn down the heat


Most of us love a long and steamy shower, but if you’re going to be standing under the hot water for more than just a few minutes, we recommend considering a long bath instead.

Hot water strips the skin of beneficial oils and can leave the skin pretty parched, so instead, why not enjoy a warm bath filled with moisturizing ingredients to infuse your skin with moisture while you soak.

Here are a few of our favorite bath soak ingredients. . . Coconut milk is not only super hydrating, it’s brimming in essential fatty acids that can reduce inflammation and soothe skin irritations. Oats is wonderfully moisturizing and a winner for soothing sensitive skin, while magnesium salts are wonderful for detoxing and relieving muscle aches and pains.


Make rich plant oils and butters a part of your daily ritual.


Body oils and butters will become your new best friend as the temperatures drop, because nothing keeps skin hydrated quite as well, we promise!

To complete your bathing ritual, always be sure to seal in the moisture of your shower or bath with essential fatty acid rich plant oils - try either an oil-rich body scrub or body oil.

We love our Tulsi Rejuvenating Oil with Lavender and Evening Primrose. Oleic rich oils, including sunflower and olive oil sink deep down into the skin, preventing transepidermal water loss, improving elasticity, and maintaining proper skin barrier function. This means your skin will better retain water, so your hydration is not just a temporary fling, but more of a long-term thing!


Change up your facial care routine.


When times are a changin’, so should your facial care routine. Warmer, more humid weather will treat your skin very differently than a cold, dry environment, which means your skin will have different needs.

In the fall and winter, your skin will struggle more with staying hydrated, which means you will need to start including richer oils, humectants, and other more hydrating products. Check out our Winter Skincare Routine recommendation here.

When it comes to choosing the right facial oil - check out our facial oil guide. Oleic acid rich oils are great for dry skin, but not so great for breakout prone skin. If you have dry, acne prone skin - finding the right facial oil blend is key to keeping skin clear and hydrated.


Do eat your essential fatty acids


Of course eating your fatty acids is just as important as putting them on your skin, so you can enjoy hydration from the inside out!

Foods rich in omega 3s can help to keep the skin hydrated by providing your cells with all the nutrients they need to function optimally as well as to keep the skin barrier healthy. A few of our favorites include sustainably caught salmon, sustainably caught mackerel, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds.

For a special treat, why not try this delicious chocolate chia seed pudding, a favorite at any time of year. Sprinkle with hemp seeds to get in even more omega 3s!

We hope these tips help you to combat dry skin for good this season so you can enjoy your most hydrated, healthy and happy skin yet!

If you have any tips of your own, any questions or just a comment you’d like to share, we would love to hear it!

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