We're super excited to introduce a new member to the Apoterra collection!  We collaborated with a local artisan and good friend of ours, Lovewild Design, to create a texturizing hair sea spray that will help protect our oceans!  Our new Sea Mist is made with pink sea salt, algae extract, aloe, ylang and exotic verbena.  10% of proceeds of this sea spray will be donated to Ocean Conservancy to help protect our oceans and sea life!




Meet our Sea Mist Texturizing Pink Sea Salt Spray

Mist and tussle for some beachy waves and volume!  Pink sea salt gives this texturizing hair sea spray its peachy pink color but will also give your hair that beachy look.  We made it with organic algae and aloe extract to nourish your hair and to give it more elasticity.  But by far our favorite aspect of this sea mist is the scent!  Formulated from pure essential oils of ylang ylang, sweet orange and exotic verbena, the aroma is summery and addictive. This aromatherapy blend smells like a blend of sweet floral notes and bright citrus, is uplifting and helps reduce anxiety.  Be warned, you will be tempted to over mist!


Texturizing Hair Sea Spray


Why donate to Ocean Conservancy?

Our oceans are our planet's lungs, and collectively are the world's most important ecosystem.  "Oceans produce between 50 and 80% of oxygen and consume more than 25% of carbon dioxide (CO2) of the planet".  We depend on it for our survival, as well as the survival of the marine and plant life that inhabits our waters.

Ocean Conservancy is a non-profit that is devoted to providing science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.  Charity navigator gives them a 4 star rating.  They are currently tackling issues like ocean acidification, working with local communities to protect the arctic, and helping restore the Gulf of Mexico.  They are also working on finding solutions to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in our oceans, and are helping reduce over fishing by helping establish sustainable fisheries.  We are proud to support their work in an effort to help protect our oceans for future generations.


Collaboration with Lovewild Design

Lovewild Design is a women-owned and operated business based in Brooklyn, NY.  Just like us, they are inspired by the environment.  They use renewal resources to craft their handmade gifts, such as plantable cards and recipe dice.  They also have active gifts, of which a portion of proceeds are donated to causes they believe in.  We are so thrilled to collaborate with them on creating this Sea Mist!   Sierra, the founder of Lovewild Design, designed the labels and collaborated on the formulation of the Sea Mist.   


Check out our Sea Mist Texturizing Pink Sea Salt Spray here!  


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