Apoterra Stockist Interview | Nitasha Goel, Founder Of The Cure Apothecary

Meet inspiring Nitasha Goel, founder of The Cure Apothecary, a natural beauty store based in Toronto, Canada. Nitasha's focus is on curating the best possible selection of exceptional artisinal skincare brands that use natural and sustainable ingredients.  We we're thrilled to make the cut and are beyond excited to introduce you her!


"After having my customers switch to natural products, and seeing them be more confident and comfortable in their own skin feeds my passion."


Nitasha from The Cure Apothecary and natural skincare store in Toronto Canada

Nitasha, what is your professional background? What led you to natural skincare?

 I come from the world of fashion. My experience work as a young sales associate to a corporate buyer built and folded me to create The Cure Apothecary.


Why did you start your business? 

I started using natural skin about 8 years ago. I learned that the products I was using were not fully natural. With that, it spiked a curiosity and research to find cleaner brands to cater to my needs. Having a background in buying and sourcing allowed me to research tons of unknown smaller makers that were creating amazing products but did not have a home to house them in. This is all where the cure apothecary started.


Can you tell us a little bit more about your store?

The Cure Apothecary is a natural and organic head to toe skin care boutique for him and her. The Cure was created through my discovery of new natural brands that the Toronto market did not have to offer. Through research, I realized that this was something that was needed- an entire space that read natural and organic from its fixtures to its product offering. I wanted to introduce new ingredients to the market with brands that originate from New Zealand and Sweden. We also house brands from the US and a ton of Canadian-made brands. 


The Cure Apothecary - natural beauty store in Toronto



What do you love about natural beauty?

My passion comes from sustainability and taking care of yourself. We all are making the change in what we consume internally but our skin, being the biggest organ, is often neglected by using products that contain harmful ingredients.

My passion was to educate people on using natural ingredients that we are eating on a daily basis but not realizing how we can utilize these ingredients in our daily skin care routine. After having my customers switch to natural products, and seeing them be more confident and comfortable in their own skin feeds my passion. 


What is your favorite beauty tip? 

Less is more. Let your natural beauty shine. Drink a lot water.


We couldn't agree more!  May we ask, what does your personal skincare ritual mean to you?

My personal skincare ritual is something that is very important to me. Although I do have help from some very dear people in my life, The Cure Apothecary is really a one woman show. My ritual is a short time where I get to spend on myself for myself. Using beautiful clean ingredients, feeding my skin from the outside in.


Can you share with us what you see is a common mistake people make when it comes to natural skincare?

The biggest misunderstanding is that most clients believe using oils will cause acne. Explaining the process of how oils hydrate our skin helps clients understand how our skin reacts and loves a good oil. Also, making sure the client is using oils that are meant for your skin and good for the Canadian weather.


Why did you choose Apoterra Skincare for your business?

The honest and truthful reason was seeing my mothers glowing skin after I shared the samples with her. I saw her after using Apoterra for about a month and her skin looked radiant. I asked her what she was doing differently, and she said it was the Apoterra samples I gave her.


What is your favorite Apoterra product and why?

I am in LOVE with the Night Regenerative Balm with Prickly Pear + Vitamin C. I don't even know how to describe my love for this product, its just so yummy. It makes my skin feel supple, dewy, and oh so hydrated. I recommend it often and my clients return with raving reviews.


What is the best way for people to connect with you?

We can be reached at www.thecureapothecary.ca and via instagram at @thecureapothecary


The Cure Apothecary


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