Apoterra Stockist Interview | Jennifer Freitas, Founder Of The Truth Beauty Company

Meet Jen, the founder of The Truth Beauty Company, a natural skincare store in Guelph and Waterloo, Ontario.  Jen built her company with a mission in mind: to offer not only less toxic but also more environmentally safe products in a area that didn't have access to green beauty.  We LOVE that!


" Each time I sell a product that does not contain a chemical ingredient that is persistent and bio-accumulative, I feel empowered. Many of our personal care items are washed off, so protecting our planet has always been something I consider."


Jen from The Truth Beauty Company



Hi Jen!  So can you tell us a about your background? 


I have an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto, with a major in Philosophy, and a double minor in Bioethics and Equity Studies. My plan when I was studying was always to become a lawyer. However, after working for a few years as a Corporate Real Estate Assistant to the managing partner of the firm, I realized that I could not live a happy life as a lawyer. I began to think of ... what else. I traveled for a bit and then the role of motherhood was on my plate. It wasn't until I began thinking of going back to work, did I think about entrepreneurship. I have always been a bit of an environmentalist, so this gave me an opportunity to promote eco-friendly products... and to tie that in with pampering? Seemed like a no-brainer.



Why did you decide to open a The Truth Beauty Company?
Truly out of necessity. Prior to the birth of my twin daughters, I was living in Toronto and had access to a plethora of organic beauty brands but when I moved to Waterloo (which is about an hour from Toronto) in 2010, there was not much to choose from - just the 'clean-er' brands that I could buy at my major grocery stores (think Green Beaver and Jason). I wanted better. And so I opened my first boutique. 



What is The Truth Beauty Company about?


The Truth Beauty Company aims to be your destination for all things related to personal care and wellness. We began with skin care, primarily targeting women and we only had a few Canadian brands. I saw my client base grow and heard their requests for hair-care and make-up; then they began to ask for products for their partners and children. We established a great base for all beauty related items for the family and now we are branching into nutritional items as the nutriceutical industry grows; after all beauty really does start on the inside. We are complex beings and almost all of our activities we take part in have implications for our overall feeling of wellness. We definitely look at beauty holistically. 


The Truth Beauty Company in Waterloo


What do you love about natural beauty? 


How it is changing the world. Each time I sell a product that does not contain a chemical ingredient that is persistent and bio-accumulative, I feel empowered. Many of our personal care items are washed off, so protecting our planet has always been something I consider. I also love that it is making a difference to people by reducing their toxic load. Lastly, I LOVE that so many of the brands I support are female founded and female run; almost all the CEO's I interact with are women.



What is your favorite beauty tip?


Be consistent. Healthy skin requires that you nurture her. So wash your make-up off every night. Have a daily skincare routine with a toner and a moisturizer, in the very least, and be sure to use natural products. 



What does your personal skincare ritual mean to you?


It's actually the time I use to reflect on my life. I suppose because 'beauty / skin care' is my livelyhood, I reflect, when I am taking my time, cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steaming, massaging, moisturizing. It's the time I use to think critically about if I am accomplishing what I am set out here to do. Deep, right? I suppose skin-care is very spiritual for me; it's a gift I give to myself.  



What is a common mistake you see customers make when first dipping into natural beauty? 


I think when new clients come in with the expectation that they are going to find identical products to conventional brands is a common mistake that individuals make. Green Beauty is simply different - the balms, the oils, the hydrosols.... feel different, smell different, apply different from what we have been used to for so long. 



Why did you choose to carry Apoterra Skincare in your stores? 


Apoterra stood out to me for various reasons. The easiest to name is the packaging / branding. The colours were bright and used cohesively - meaning that the products for acneic skin (for example) are easily distinguishable because of their labeling is all in one colour. Secondly, the formulations stood out. I have been in the 'Green Beauty' game for so long and am not wowed by the simple jojoba and geranium serums, packaged in black type font bottles, that have flooded the market. I want to see botanical's used responsibly; meaning that the blends are actually going to achieve some results! I am 37 years old, so aging is something I think about. I want to see anti-oxidants, I want to know that the oils used contain vitamins and nutrients that are going to keep my skin dewy and plump! Apoterra offers that.

We'd love to know. . . what is your favorite Apoterra product and why?


Night Regenerative Balm with Prickly Pear and Vitamin C. The cupuacu butter feels nurturing on my skin and I am sure the Coq10 keeps my skin plump.... and I simply adore the smell of jasmine. Total standout product. 



What is the best way for people to connect with you?


Email (contact@thetruthbeautycompany.com ) and social (@thetruthbeautycompany)! I love engaging with people via our platforms! It excites to see the whole clean beauty movement grow!! 



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