Botanical Recipe: Matcha + Lavender Cocktail

March 17th is an Irish holiday that commemorates the life of Saint Patrick and traditionally was a day during which restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol were lifted. The shamrock is a young green sprig of clover traditionally used as a celtic symbol to represent the balance of energies, and then used by Christians to represent the trinity.  The sprig has become a modern symbol for luck and it's color has translated into the color of St Patrick's Day.  This day is now a day of wearing shamrocks, green clothing and social drinking.  To celebrate, instead of going with the usual oh-so-not natural green beer, why not try crafting a delectable lavender infused matcha green tea cocktail? Made with real botanicals, this cocktail is infused with antioxidants instead of blue #5 and yellow #1 ;)  

lavender and green tea drink

3-4 tsp sweet matcha green tea powder
4 fl oz hot water 
1 fl oz lavender simple syrup
2 1/2 fl oz good London dry gin

green tea with lavender cocktail


Sift 3-4 tsp matcha into a cup using a small sifter and add 4oz hot water. For best results use water just under a boil.  Whisk vigorously in a zig zag motion until the tea is frothy. Let it cool and store in refrigerator. Once cooled, whisk 4 fl oz of the Matcha Green Tea Brew with 1 fl oz of lavender simple syrup together. Add ice to your cocktail shaker. Combine your green tea mixture with 2 1/2 oz of gin in the cocktail shaker.

up-close of green tea and lavender drink

Quickly swirl the cocktail shaker until the outside becomes cold and icy. Strain drink into a glass (we recommend a martini glass but a high ball will do). Garnish with lavender.  Enjoy. 

lavender and rustic knife

To make the Lavender Simple Syrup (it's so easy and you can reuse it to make natural soda, on top of vanilla ice cream, and even to sweeten your tea. . . yum!)


1 cup water
1 cup cane sugar
1 tbsp organic dried lavender 


Bring ingredients to a boil in saucepan, stirring so that the sugar dissolves. Reduce heat and continue stirring until all the sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and let steep for 30 minutes. Remove lavender blossoms and allow syrup to cool. Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated. 

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