5 Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin All Winter Long

As the temperatures continue to drop lower and lower and the first snow of the season starts to fall gently outside, you may notice your skin becomes increasingly difficult to deal with.

Drier skin means you’re more likely to reach for heavier, richer products, only to find that you may then have to contend with acne flare ups, as your skin struggles to balance itself out.

Sure, you may know that the chilly season certainly has something to do with your skin woes, but do you know why?

In this article we’ll explain why cooler temperatures affect your skin to such an extent, as well as offer natural tips to help restore your skin to its former glory so you can enjoy everything this beautiful season has to offer, without having to worry about your skin!


What’s up with my dry skin in winter?


We bet you’re wishing you hadn’t complained so much during those sweltering days of summer, because even though you may have been sticky and hot, at least your skin glistened with dewy hydration!

When the weather cools, the air becomes drier due to less humidity in the air, so hydrated skin comes down to your choices, from what you eat to the products you choose to apply to your skin.

It may seem like a catch 22-situation, because it’s not like you can escape the dry air when you head indoors; the air inside is just as dry thanks to artificial heating. We certainly are grateful for the warmth, but our skin? Not so much!

If you stick to the lighter skin care products you used throughout the summer months, then you’re going to have some problems, because winter air calls for deeper hydration and better protection from the elements.

Perhaps you’ve rushed out to your local drugstore to stock up on some rich moisturizers, only to find yourself now dealing with breakouts. The reason for this, is because those conventional products are not formulated with the health of your skin in mind. They contain an array of unhealthy cheap filler ingredients, in order to be mass produced, and contain hardly any real nutrient-rich ingredients.

What you need are real ingredients,the right skin lovin’ oils and a dose of antioxidants to keep your skin dewy and radiant and perfectly balanced, but more on that later on.

Before we delve into the products you need to use on your skin, along with other highly recommended external tips to keep your skin hydrated and happy, let’s first take a look at some internal tips, because healthy skin starts on the inside after all…


Your food choices matter


Keeping your body hydrated through infused water and soups is essential for healthy, hydrated skin, not to mention, a healthier body too, because these hydrating foods and drinks are packed in antioxidants to boost your immune system and will help to ward off colds and flu!

Anti-inflammatory foods and herbs, such as turmeric, are a great way to reduce inflammation internally, which then helps to soothe and calm down any flare ups in your skin too. In fact, turmeric is wonderful for soothing chronic inflammatory skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis, which tend to get worse in the cooler months when there is a lack of moisture.


Sun damage is still a concern during the cloudy months


This is probably something you don’t focus too much on when it seems like you’re living in a state of perpetual cloud cover when November rolls around, but sunburn is just as much of a reality in winter as it is during the summer months, even on cloudy days! Always opt for a natural, mineral sunscreen for daily protection and stock up on foods rich in beta-carotene for added protection. This pumpkin bread will have you drooling!


5 Skin Care Tips and Product Essentials for the Frosty Season

Staying hydrated at your holiday parties


Before we talk about the top skin care products to keep in your beauty cabinet this season, we just quickly wanted to mention all those holiday parties you’re sure to be invited too. It can be difficult to not indulge in a glass or two of bubbly, which can drastically sap moisture from your skin cells, so a helpful tip is to always drink one glass of water alongside every drink. Not only will your skin thank you, you’ll be thanking us when you wake up without a hangover!


Cleanse The Right Way



You may have been told how important it is to cleanse your face morning and night, but did you know that over-cleansing can actually strip your skin of beneficial oils and do more harm than good?

Instead, I favor simply using a toner with an organic cotton pad to wipe my face in the morning and then using a non-drying cleanser at night to get rid of the days dirt and dead skin. This helps to keep my skin clean, yet perfectly balanced and never at risk of severe dehydration, which can impair the skin’s lipid barrier.

You may want to switch between our Rose Toner and Neroli Toner, depending on how your skin is that day. Our Rose toner is ideal for drier skin types, while Neroli will zap those breakouts in a heartbeat! Our aloe + rose soap is ideal for the evening to effectively, yet gently, scrub away the day’s accumulated dirt and grime, without stripping your skin.


Amp Up The Hydration


You really do need to use richer products when the air dries out, but stick to all natural products, brimming in nutrients that will provide long-term benefits rather than stocking up on expensive big-name brands that won’t do much for your skin at all.

It all comes down to choosing a product that is right for your specific skin needs.

If you have normal or dry skin already, then you’ll benefit greatly from a facial oil that’ll not only help protect your skin from the cold, but also work overtime to help your skin retain water. Our night balm which contains naturally humectant, super hydrating cupuacu butter, is the ideal choice for you!

If you have an oilier skin type, you may lean towards a lighter alternative such as our rose serum, which helps to balance sebum, while still providing deep nourishment to keep your skin.

If you are break out prone, you will want to stay away for oils too high in oleic acid and will want to opt for linoleic-rich oils. Try our Night Clarifying Treatment, which is rich in so many nutrient-dense and linoleic acid rich oils such as grapeseed, prickly pear seed and sea buckthorn oil.

If you have both dry and breakout prone skin, don’t shy away from butters, which tend to be higher in oleic acid. Just go lighter by mixing it up. Try using our Night Clarifying Treatment as you day oil, and the Night Regenerative Balm at night.

Whichever oil you chose, make sure to pair it with dose of hydrating H20, such as one of our toning mists. These will provide hydration to the skin directly, while also helping your plant oils and butters to sink in deeper and work more effectively.


Treat Your Skin (& Your Senses)


A regular exfoliation is essential year-round, but it becomes even more important when the weather cools down.

Exfoliating regularly throughout the winter will ensure that dry skin cells are sloughed away and you’re able to welcome in new skin cells easier. This will help your skin stay hydrated but it also means that your skin care oils and serums will be more readily absorbed, so they can sink deep into the skin and target all your specific concerns. Twice per week should be enough for most people, but if your skin is super sensitive, once per week is fine.

Try our hibiscus mud which gently exfoliates and soothes, while getting rid of bad bacteria. Bonus - you can use it on your lips as a scrub too!

This final winter skincare ritual suggestion is a two in one kind of product. Aside from helping to rehydrate parched skin and open pores, a facial steam can go a long way in clearing sinuses and preventing you from catching a cold.

Give yourself a natural detox and breathe in serenity with our herbal steam.





Replace lost moisture in the air


Last, but not least, we wanted to mention something that many people don’t think about, yet it can seriously save your skin (and your sanity) this season!

We’re talking about a humidifier!

Humidifiers shoot a continual stream of moisture into the air, helping to replace lost moisture that may have been lost through artificial heating. Not only are humidifiers a lifesaver for your skin, they help to keep your sinus cavities and airways hydrated too, which can drastically reduce the risk of a cold or flu!

Try adding some essential oils to your humidifier for a bonus aromatherapy boost! Eucalyptus is excellent for congestion, lavender will calm and relax, and orange will lift your spirits! Get creative and reap the benefits!

Winter really is a gorgeous season, but many people get frustrated with all the skin care issues that come along with it. However, if you follow our tips, you’ll be able to enjoy everything the season has to offer, because your skin will be well taken care of!

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