DIY Shaving Oil: The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Since father's day is next weekend, I thought I would share my favorite shaving oil recipe.  I make it for my dad every year and he swears by it.

 best shaving oil recipe for father's day

If you aren't familiar with shaving oil or how to use it, I will explain it to you the way my dad did.  I am probably one of the few daughters who has had the opportunity to be taught how to shave her face by her dad.  Imagine me, a woman in her early 30s, standing in front of a mirror next to my dad, with razor in hand and a face covered in shaving cream.  In my quest to understand shaving (and not because I needed a shave!), he offered to show me his favorite method hands on.  The key, he said, is to apply a good shaving oil.  You apply it to your face before the shaving cream because the oil softens the hairs but also protects the skin.  Applying the oil also gives you a closer shave and (bonus!) the blade is also easier to clean afterwards.  After you apply the oil, you lather up some shaving soap or cream and, well, shave with a blade.  Follow with an aftershave or hydrating mist and moisturizer.


Girls can use a shaving oil as well, I like to once in a while on my legs.  I will use the oil and follow with the lather of our Activated Charcoal soap.  My legs always feel silky soft!


natural shaving oil recipe 


Shaving Oil Recipe:

1.5 fl oz castor oil
1.5 fl oz hemp seed oil
1 fl oz olive oil


20-40 drops of skin safe, non-phototoxic essential oils

My dad loves this blend which is antibacterial and skin healing, both great things for a shaving oil!

8 drops Frankincense
8 drops Fir Needle
8 drops Bay West
5 drops cedar virginia
10 drops lavender (A)
written by Dominique Caron

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